A Guide To Baby’s 1st Birthday

It’s been a heck of a year as a new parent. Not only is this party to celebrate your child’s life, it’s also a well-deserved pat on the back for making it this far in one piece. Congratulations to you! So, to help you plan the perfect day, we’ve put together a guide to your baby’s first birthday party. 

Pick A Theme

Kids’ parties are always great when they have a theme. Some of the themes popular among parents are Minions, Winnie The Pooh, princess or prince themes, or any other fictional/animated characters. Above and beyond the overall theme, there’s almost always a cake smash at a first birthday – also in the chosen theme. Not sure what a cake smash is? It’s when the birthday boy or girl has a photoshoot of them smashing their first birthday cake. If you intend on having this for your little one, then you will have to get two birthday cakes for the occasion. The smash cake is really only for the fun of the photoshoot, so no need to go over the top.

Where’s The Venue?

Once a theme has been chosen, you have to find a suitable venue. Firstly, is the venue kid-friendly? Do they host kids’ parties? Do they offer decor and/or a party planner in their event package? Once these points have been addressed, you’re a few steps closer to throwing your baby a great first birthday. Some venues we love for such treasured occasions include Kids Unleashed and Tres Jolie. These venues offer all the essentials you could need for a kid’s party.

Decorate Accordingly

If you’re a DIY kind of parent, then you don’t need a party planner – you have everything planned out already. Just to ease your burden, whether you’re throwing a full-on themed party or want generic party decor, we rate the best suppliers to start you off would be My Party Supplies, Party Spot and Party Net. The best part about going this route is that you will have full control over the party decor and preparation. Just make sure you plan ahead of time because the last thing you want – or need – is to be sitting till 2am on the morning of the party, finishing up the last decor items.

What’s For Entertainment?

Entertainment for kids is easy! But instead of hoping your baby will find your jokes and goofy faces funny enough for the candid photographs, just hire some professional entertainment. You can hire a clown – they’re always a hit – or try a jumping castle or a trampoline. Wild Childs is a good place to start if you need a range of options to pick from. They have jumping castles, water slides, popcorn machines, and fairy-tale entertainers, among other things.

Foodie Kids

We all know kids can be super-fussy when it comes to food, so instead of going all out with gourmet dishes, it’s best to keep it simple. Finger foods and snacks are usually the best options for the little ones. Depending on the age group of the other kids, you can prepare mini-sandwiches, mini-hotdogs, baby-friendly canapés – something along the lines of Baby Tastes  and, of course, snacks like cheese curls, biscuits and marshmallows. Sidenote: If you’re getting your food from Baby Tastes, you can order the adult food from Exquisite Tastes while you’re at it.

An Unforgettable 1st Birthday Cake

Aside from the smash cake, you still need a memorable cake for the milestone birthday, one that best captures their personality, the theme and tastes like heaven. So don’t just go to any cake supplier when we have it on good word that Annica’s Designer Cakes and Cups And Cakes offer some of our city’s best birthday cakes. They go all out on the themes and, should you wish, you can mix it up with cupcakes – that way, you have no mess from trying to cut up even slices of cake for everyone.

Document Everything!

You most definitely need to have a photographer on site. It’s imperative! Professional photographers don’t usually need a lot of hand-holding in terms of what to capture, but it never hurts to have a brief to make sure the moments that are special to you aren’t missed. For most, the highlights are the cake smashing, the candid moments of the baby and guests interacting and laughing, the birthday song, the candle blowing and cake cutting. However, each party offers something different, so chat with your photographer to make sure everything important is captured.

Have we left out any crucial party guidelines for baby’s first birthday? Let us know below!

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