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Grow Your Business With Microsoft Surface

Grow Your Business With Microsoft Surface

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Whether you are a large-scale enterprise or a small business, business growth is a top priority in all sectors of the South African economy. The incorporation of ICT in the growth strategies has become imperative, with various technological applications making everything from executive activities to retail and sales faster, more efficient, secure, and user-friendly. Growing business with Microsoft Surface has proven to be a valuable, multi-faceted product offering from Microsoft.

Not only is business growth necessary for the sustainability of businesses themselves, but the growth of the business sector as a whole. This is a priority for South Africa’s push towards large-scale job creation and poverty alleviation for the close to 35% of the population that is currently unemployed. This unemployment rate is even higher depending on which definition is used to measure it. Broken down by province, the poorest provinces are usually those with a larger population proportion living in rural areas, such as the Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

The Microsoft Surface device range makes office-bound, remote, and hybrid work possible, allowing for the reliable, secure, and remotely accessible storage and tracking of real-time processes and every other business process in between. From business development and growth strategising, R&D to design, manufacturing to distribution, wholesale to retail, there is a Microsoft Surface solution for your business.

Growing Business With Microsoft Surface In A Complex & Fast-Paced Context

As the demands of consumers become more sophisticated and complex, understanding the target market of your enterprise and incorporating the right tools to understand and reach them can make the difference between a dying or thriving business.

Research, development, innovation, and change are the driving concepts behind a “growth mindset” for businesses, as the name of the game is ultimately the provision of better quality products, greater functionality in products and services, and an overall improvement in the consumer experience. Whether it is in the use of a product, the uptake of a service or the customer’s engagement with an enterprise, technology can enable better outcomes and add significant value to interactions between businesses and consumers alike.

Gain Competitive Advantage

According to the theory of a “growth mindset” originally proposed by Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck, intelligence and skills are not static attributes that individuals are either born with or without. Instead, these attributes are malleable and variable over time, given the right environment and positive guidance or interaction with leaders, teachers, and peers.

Positive leadership and effective communication are of course key variables in business, but equally important are the tools and technologies that people can access and learn to use to their full potential. This is where innovative technologies come into the picture of growing business with Microsoft SurfaceNo matter what is required by an enterprise or its employees, the Surface devices range and applications offer solutions that unlock productivity, collaboration, participation, and innovation that drive businesses to greater gains in their competitive advantage.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Unlocks Workforce Potential

One of the greatest advantages humans have over other species is our ability to communicate rapidly and accurately through language, and our propensity to work together to achieve common goals. In business, the wrong set-up, ineffective leadership, and a static – or fixed – approach to work are just about guaranteed to stifle and constrain the true potential of your employees.

With the multi-functional, highly adaptable, and user-enabling features that are standard to the Surface devices and applications, business leaders can transform their teams by encouraging creativity and innovation, building and communicating common goals, and making working activities and tasks as flexible and dynamic as the lives of employees.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has been introducing an extensive range of new Surface devices, built for flexibility, portability, connectivity, and group communications to meet the needs of the changing landscape of business and the rapidly unfolding shift to the knowledge economy and the 4th Industrial Revolution. The range originally consisted of the Surface Laptop Go, released in October 2020, the Surface Laptop 4, released in April 2021, and the Surface Hub 2S, released in 2019.

Launched in 2021 was a selection of brand-new devices which can be viewed on Microsoft’s website. Here, we will focus on the Surface Pro 7+, Surface Go 2Surface Laptop 4Surface Hub 2SSurface Laptop Go, and the Surface Book 3, as devices that are adaptable enough to fit with practically any business activity in any sector. The solution would be to have a powerful machine that is lightweight, easy to transport, and packs a punch…something that is anything but ordinary.

Optimising Work For Your Business

One of the greatest achievements of Microsoft in the development of the Surface range is that it combines the portability of lightweight devices such as laptops and tablets with the computing power and storage capacity of the traditional large desktop PC. This capacity was instrumental in keeping a wide range of societal sectors functioning during the rapid decentralisation triggered by the global pandemic in 2020.

A Workforce On-The-Go

As the world recovers after the pandemic of 2020, the vast majority of managers, executives, and employees have indicated that they place great value on the flexibility and ease that came with remote and hybrid working arrangements.

Over the last three years, Microsoft has commissioned various studies on the multiple impacts and improvements on the world of work made possible by products such as the Surface devices and applications that have been developed to support secure, remote-yet-connected working arrangements. These studies, the Total Economic Impact (TEI) studies conducted by Forrester Consulting consisted of a total of 11 studies, all related to the measurable increases in ROI for companies that are adopting the Microsoft Surface range of devices and applications.

The TEI studies focused specifically on network security, modernising and securing endpoints, securing access to and use of Cloud applications, and the regulatory compliance and threat intelligence of the widely used Microsoft 365 Office suite of applications.

Growing business with Microsoft Surface devices and the range of powerful and sophisticated applications that empower workers is the latest addition to the improved functionality and usability made possible through Microsoft’s product offerings for decades. With all Surface devices enabled to run Windows 365, Windows 10, and Windows 11, your enterprise’s workforce has access to the whole range of well-known Windows applications, as well as innovative new applications such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Azure.

Microsoft Surface

Growing Business With Microsoft Surface Is The New Best Practice

The transformation of the business environment was radically sped up by the decentralisation of operations necessitated by the global pandemic starting in 2020. Businesses had to adapt to this new reality by investing heavily in the ICT capabilities for the uninterrupted continuation of business – and life – during a period marked by high levels of uncertainty, societal upheaval, and a multiplicity of highly unpredictable variables and possible outcomes.

Solutions had to be discovered for these problems as fast as possible, as doing otherwise would increase the risk of social, economic, and political unrest and volatility with serious and far-reaching implications for present and future progress in all sectors of society.

Even as the world starts returning to normal, the remote and hybrid work model in practically every sector is here to stay. Businesses that fail to grasp that the business environment has shifted to being almost exclusively online and decentralised won't be able to keep up with the new evolutionary path. To remain in business, stay competitive, increase productivity, establish, and maintain your enterprise’s relevance and accessibility to your target market requires new ways of doing things to remain in operation and evolve in tandem with technological advancements.

Microsoft Surface

To do this, businesses must make use of the best tools and innovations that are available and adopt new developments as they happen, or face the inevitable reality of lost opportunities, losses in revenue, and the loss of the most skilled and talented employees they have, as all of these will increasingly migrate to enterprises and sectors that fully embrace the all-encompassing shift towards remote accessibility, secure communication, collaboration, convenience, innovation, and growth that the digital domain makes possible.

Product offerings such as the Microsoft Surface range of devices and applications are at the forefront of this digital business domain, and therefore offer the most appropriate solutions to address your enterprise’s needs and requirements.

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