Green up Your Arts and Crafts

Many of us do our best to be more environmentally friendly. We also struggle to use up all those bits and bobs leftover from previous art and craft projects. Why not combine these two things to make beautiful projects that can be gifted to friends and family or can be used to add a bit of unique personality to your own home. We discuss ways to use old newspapers, glass jars, and other things you probably have around your house in your arts and crafts.

Green up Your Arts and Crafts

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Quilling is the art of rolling and folding strips of paper and gluing them together to form creative designs. The resulting art is a colourful and vibrant 3D art work. This is a great way to use up any paper you have lying around whether it is from magazines, coloured paper scraps of left over scrapbooking paper. Simply draw an outline of a design on a piece of cardboard, cut your paper into strips, roll the paper into circles, glue the edge of the paper down so that it does not unravel and stick the circle of paper onto your cardboard design. The Spruce Crafts has some gorgeous quilling ideas for beginners.



We have all seen the pretty mosaic tables made from broken tiles. But there is no reason that mosaics arts and crafts should be limited to tiles. Some magnificent pieces can be made from materials you have lying around your house like beads, stones, glass, bottle caps and even straws. Simply break your chosen medium into different sizes and arrange into a pattern of your choice and glue with an appropriate adhesive. Check out Craftionary for some inspiration.



This hobby traditionally uses yarn or thread to form objects like fabric and baskets. But weaving can be a very diverse hobby depending on what materials you choose to use. Weaving can be done with fabric ribbons, paper, plastic and even wire. Weaving is a great way to reuse plastic bags to make something that won’t clog our oceans. Simply cut the plastic bags into ribbons and weave away. Check out WeaveZine for a tutorial on how to replace yarn with plastic for your weaving projects.

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This one is all in the name. Scrapbooking uses scraps in a creative way to beautify precious memories like photographs, letters and cards. The method involves framing memorabilia with various arts and crafts objects like buttons, sea shells, beads and stickers. You can even decorate your projects with some of your weaving and quilling projects or make a mosaic. This is a lovely craft that can use up left overs from other crafts or anything you find around your house such as paper clips, pressed leaves and flowers from your garden or cut outs of old cards, magazines and wrapping paper. Better Homes & Gardens will inspire you to get scrapbooking.


Modelling Clay

Modelling clay can be a fun way to create amazing pieces. The only limit to what you can create is that of your imagination. This is a relatively easy hobby to master as it only requires making a shape out of clay, allowing it to dry and then adding some colour. You can easily make your own air drying clay out of old newspaper, cardboard or egg cartons, water, and glue. Make a base shape out of old jars, cardboard and even foil. Creative Mom, our inspiration for these crafts, has many ideas and tips on her Youtube Channel.


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