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Goliath's Go Live With SkyRoomLive

Goliath's Go Live With SkyRoomLive

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What's happening around us right now might be quite serious, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little bit of laughter to lighten the situation. Don't miss Goliath's Go Live with SkyRoomLive every day from 14:00 for some fun banter through entertaining live streams. 

What Is It?

During this uncertain time, we definitely need a little bit of funny to keep our spirits up and keep the laughter going. This is why Goliath and Goliath have launched their live streaming talk show, Goliath's Go Live with SkyRoomLive.

Catch @nicholasgoliath, @donovangoliath and @jasongoliath LIVE on @skyroomlive for free everyday during the lockdown as they bring popular local guests to have a chat on their daily talk show.

Expect a lineup of comedians, actress, singers, influencers and more live streaming from at 14:00 daily. Be sure to follow Goliath and Goliath on Facebook to find out who will be joining them via live stream for the session. They release the guest lineup every morning at about 08:30.

When Is It?

Live streams daily from 14:00.

Where Is It?

Visit to catch the daily live streams.

How Much Is It?


For More Information

For more information about the comedy live streaming sessions, visit Goliath and Goliath on Facebook.

Here, you'll also get a lineup as to who will be going live each day.

Catch up on the previous live streams by visiting


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