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Going Cocoa Loco This World Chocolate Day

Going Cocoa Loco This World Chocolate Day

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Did you know that 07 July is World Chocolate Day? And in spirit of this decadent day, we have gone all out as to where you can find all of the chocolaty treats possible. Think hot chocolate, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate tastings and more. On this day, calories don't count. Indulge and enjoy your favourite chocolate delights throughout the city!

Top Hot Chocolate Spots In Joburg

There's nothing better than a decadent, rich and steamy cup of hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold Joburg winter's day. Yes, you can simply make your own hot chocolate at home and pop a few squishy marshmallows on top, but it's just not the same as enjoying a treat that's made from scratch, along with a side order or cake or even a small nibble to complement your drink. Here is where you can find some of the best hot chocolate spots in Joburg if you're looking to get out of the house to enjoy something delicious and belly warming.

Click here for our Top Hot Chocolate Spots In Joburg.

hot chocolate

The Best Brownies In The City

Now, if hot chocolate isn't your thing, what about some decadently baked treats to satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth? Next on our list of must-have delights on this special day are chewy, moreish and rich chocolate brownies! What we love about this baked goodies is that you can get many different variations, like Blondies, blocks with a selection of nuts, dark or milk chocolate versions, unique remakes, and much more. So, if this is you type of treat you'd like to enjoy on this special day, take a look at these chocolate brownie hot spots throughout Joburg.

Click here to find the Best Brownie Spots in Joburg.


Moreish Cakes

To go along perfectly with a cuppa tea of coffee, how about a thick slice of freshly baked chocolate cake? How could one resist? It's the perfect indulgence after a long day at the office, for a weekend delight, or simply just because you feel like enjoying something dark, rich and decadent because you deserve it! If you're now craving a slice, be sure to take a look at our list of choc cake hot spots in Joburg.

Click here to find the Best Choc Cakes in Joburg.

Decadent Tastings

Next up on our list of decadent delights: where in our lovely city can one find choc and dessert tastings? Now, this is one of the most decadent thrills you can experiences, especially if you have a sweet tooth of note! Think macarons, ice cream, pastries and other sorts confectionery... all in chocolate! Sounds like just the thing to satisfy your choccie craving? then be sure to take a look at where you can find these delectable experiences throughout the city.

Click here for more on Dessert Tastings in Joburg.

Visit The Chocolate Tier

If there is some thing you need to experience, it is most certainly a proper and immersive chocolate tasting. And if you're keen on trying out one of these delicious journeys for yourself, then take a look at what The Chocolate Tier has to offer! Here, you'll experience chocolate like you never have before! Their decadent pairings will take you on an epic adventure, starting from the cocoa pod, to table. Learn how to savour every melting moment to make the most of your chocolate indulgences. Be sure to book yourself an afternoon of delights and decadence, or miss out!

Click here for more information on this experience.

Chocolate Tier

Krispy Kreme x Nestlé Collab!

Are you a fan of Nestlé and Krispy Kreme? then you most certainly do not want to miss out on their delicious collaboration! These two brands have come together to bring sweet toothed customers a selection of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, topped or filled with Nestlé choc yumminess! We kid you not! Take your pick from the Bar One Filled Ring, the Milky Bar Filled Ring, or the Tex Filled Ring. Why not just try them all? To see what this limited edition range has by clicking here. You most certainly do not want to miss out on this treat!

Click here for more information about the Krispy Kreme x Nestlé Collab.

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