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Today’s life is fast paced. Modern technology such as the Internet and cellphones enable us to cram more into our day. But our eating habits suffer at the expense of getting everything else; work, sport and socialising, all wrapped up before we think of our stomachs. The fast food options available today compound the problem. Fried, non-nutritious foods high in fat not only expand the waistline but lower energy levels, preventing you from getting what you want out of life.

But now there is a solution to your nutrition problems. Global Wrapps offers a healthy alternative to modern fast food: the wrapp.

Wrapps originated from the Mexican burrito, a convenient pack lunch for cowboys on the hoof. With fillings like spicy beef, refried beans and salsa, these burritos enclosed the flavours of Mexico. More recently, burritos started to include fillings inspired by cuisines from around the globe and adopted the more universal title of wrapp.

Wrapped foods are not a new concept. Every type of cuisine has some form of wrapped food, from the Greek gyros to the Chinese egg roll. Global Wrapps have chosen the most popular flavours from around the world and combined them with the tastiest combination of local ingredients. What makes their wrapps unique is these fillings are enclosed in their trademark lavish bread. They use lavish breads because they are tastier and lighter than most other wrappers.

Global Wrapps can be enjoyed 24/7: morning, noon and night. Boiled egg, bacon, sliced potato, mozzarella and chopped tomato are combined in their Power Breakfast Wrapp, designed to give you a boost to beat anything your day throws at you. Midday wrapps fill you up, not weigh you down, so you don’t feel like snoozing your afternoon away. Their evening wrapps invite you to explore taste sensations from around the world… Fresh coriander complementing garlic yoghurt from the Mediterranean, spicy chicken with peanut sauce from Thailand, mozzarella, basil and sun-dried tomatoes from Italy, Cajun chicken spiced with chilli salsa from Mexico. These flavours are all enticingly combined with fresh, natural ingredients to make each bite a fiesta of food in your mouth.

Smoothies are one of the most popular trends in fast food today. Healthy, refreshing and satisfying, they are the perfect accompaniment to a wrapp. Choose from their healthy, non-dairy options mixed with real fruit or the sinfully delicious combinations such as creamy peanut butter, fresh bananas and milk blended with vanilla ice cream.

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SMS and Win!

SMS your name and surname and the words “Global Wrapps” to 35499 and you could win one of five Wrappalicious Family Meals. Each meal includes 4 nutritious, delicious wrapps; 4 nutritious, delicious smoothies; and 4 dessert wrapps to wrapp up the meal.

Competition ends on Monday, 29th of May 2007. SMS cost R3 each.



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