The Date Kit That Every Lady Needs In Her Wardrobe

You always want to look ravishing for a date, but picking an outfit can prove to be a mission. That’s why we are hooking you up with the ultimate date kit.

Parooz Fashions

Finding The Outfit

Choosing what to wear on that special date can be one of the hardest choices a girl can make. But we’ve got you covered with the ultimate girl date kit. You need to choose an outfit that will wow your date, but it also needs to be comfortable and make you feel confident. The right outfit will give you a confidence boost, make you look good, make you feel good and allow you to get in some retail therapy.

Forever New

Forever New

Forever New specialises in women’s clothing. They have perfected the art of making clothing that enhances a woman’s femininity. They have a world of clothing to choose from, boasting fashion forward and trendsetting statements. At Forever New, you will find cute dresses, perfect pants and blouse combos, beautiful accessories and bags.

Our suggestion: A cute dress paired with heels and chunky earrings to finish of the look.

Beauty Fashion Bedford Johannesburg

Cotton On

Cotton On is one of the trendiest stores in the city. Here, you will be able to find everything you need for a simple look. Add some spontaneous touches with splashes of colour and bright jewellery.

Our suggestion: Your favourite jeans with a t-shirt, sneakers and a bomber jacket to match. Add a necklace and ring to spice it up.

Parooz Fashions

Parooz Fashions

Parooz Fashions is a great spot to find something new, different and unexpected. With that said, any woman who loves to look good will definitely find something here.

At Parooz Fashions, you’ll find edgy, youthful, earthy and casual looks. This boutique will have you feeling spoiled for choice.

Our suggestion: A mini skirt, paired with a top, boots and a cute bag.

Finishing Up Your Look

A few things to remember: 

  • Style your hair to match your outfit.
  • It’s the perfect occasion for some perfume.
  • Accessorise!
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