Don’t Miss Gilan Gork’s “The Mentalist Experience”

Need some amazing entertainment to blow the minds of your colleagues at this year’s Christmas party? Look no further than Gilan Gork and his show, The Mentalist Experience!

Mind-Blowing Entertainment: The Mentalist Experience

We’re heading towards year-end party season, and event planners are once again feeling the pressure to create an unforgettable year-end bash that is better than the last! If you’re looking for something different, super-captivating and full of interactive humour, then Gilan Gork’s show will have your guests enthralled and astounded.

Gilan Gork, South Africa’s favourite mentalist, is ready to blow your mind with some intelligent entertainment. The Mentalist Experience is a world-class performance with and extreme ‘wow factor’. It is as thought-provoking as it is mind-blowing and has been carefully designed for corporate events as it’s suitable for every type of audience.

Gilan Gork

The Mentalist Experience has been performed internationally on hundreds of stages, creating spectacular and unforgettable moments. Through his unique mentalist experiments, Gilan demonstrates phenomenal abilities of influence, thought-decoding, psychological persuasion and even predicting audience’s thoughts before they’ve realised they’ll think them!

See Gilan’s mind reading in action below.

The show is truly something special if you’re looking to kick it up a notch when it comes to entertainment! In addition to his show, Gilan also offers an extraordinary twist as the role of MC, incorporating highlights from his show throughout the event to keep guests engaged while effortlessly guiding them through the programme.

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Gilan Gork

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