Where To Get Sugar-Free Chocolates In The City

During Easter, it’s rather difficult to avoid all the chocolate eggs and bunny-shaped treats, hot cross buns and foodie feasts. We cannot help you with the excessive feasting, but we can certainly help you out in the sugar department! So, whether you’re watching your sugar intake, know a diabetic or are one yourself but still want to join in with the festivities by munching on chocolate, then check out these spots on where to get your hands on some sugar-free and diabetic-friendly chocolate.


Shop Sugar-Free

Geldhof Chocolates

You can never go wrong with a collection of Easter treats from Geldhof Chocolatiers. They currently have four outlets throughout the city, namely Geldhof Chocolatier Douglasdale, Sandton City, Clearwater and Strijdom Park. Not only are their chocolates indulgent and decadent, they also have a range of no-sugar-added chocolates that are suitable for diabetics. So, whether you’re a diabetic or know of one, you don’t need to miss out on the Easter tradition thanks to Geldhof Chocolatiers. Check out their Easter 2019 here.

Edible Bouquets

Have you heard of Edible Bouquets? If not, then you’ll want to send family and friends (and even yourself) one of these stunning and delicious arrangements of fruit dipped in chocolate! And best of all, they even offer sugar-free options so you don’t need to worry about your sugar intake and your waistline! Indulge guilt-free with a Decadent Berry Bouquet, enjoy the Sweet Daydream or tuck into a Berry Petals Bouquet.

Belle’s Patisserie

For a sugar-free treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty, head to Belle’s Patisserie and enjoy something sweet (or savoury) from their Skinny Menu. If you’re looking to stock up on some chocolate treats without the sugar, then opt for the Skinny Red Velvet Cupcakes or the Hemp Brownie – a double chocolate brownie with hemp protein, 100% cacao and pecan nuts. Sounds rather good, doesn’t it?

Geldhof Chocolatier


We all know that Woolworths has a great selection of healthy foods, including a selection of guilt-free chocolate treats. Just because it says that something is sugar-free doesn’t mean it won’t be as delicious. They offer an indulgent range of Belgian chocolate goodies, so take your pick from dark, milk, with berries, cocoa nibs, hazelnuts and even boxes of white chocolate seashells.


If you’re doing a little shopping for a few necessities at Clicks, then make sure you stock on some diabetic-friendly, sugar-free foods while you’re at it! They offer a range of Smartbite and Canderel products that have no added sugar. From milk, white and dark chocolate to sugar-free digestive biscuits, you’ll get to nibble on a treat or two – minus the sugar overload.

Bake Sugar-Free

Sugar-Free Hot Cross Buns

Along with the Easter egg hunts and chocolate eggs comes the tradition of hot cross buns! Sadly, they’re loaded with sugar too, but thanks to Sarah Wilson’s recipe on Yuppiechef we’ve finally found a sugar-free version. We’re definitely going to give this one a whirl!

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3 thoughts on “Where To Get Sugar-Free Chocolates In The City

  1. All great ideas but if you are staying away from sugar as well as sweeteners (xylitol, etc) then rather read the labels of what you are buying. A lot of them say sugar free, but use other sweeteners which are not necessarily any better.

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