Get Radiant Skin with Luminesce!


We’re never too young to look after our skin or to try and prevent the ageing process, and this is why the five-step product regime of the Luminesce anti-ageing skincare line is just the thing you need to get the skin you want! Fallyn gave the products a whirl and absolutely loved the results!

The Luminesce anti-ageing skincare line is definitely something you need to add to your daily regime, as it helps to restore the skin’s youthful vitality, gives radiance to your skin, and even reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal your unique glow. Within just a few days of using the five-step products, my skin already looked brighter and more radiant!

The Luminesce Anti-Ageing Skincare line will improve:

• Skin luminosity

• Skin tone

• Pore size

• Wrinkle

• Healthy glow

• Tightening of skin

The Beauty Regime!

The products that I used during my skincare regime included the following:

LUMINESCE™ Youth Restoring Cleanser

To begin my beauty routine, I used the cleanser to remove all of the dirt and make-up build up from daily life. The cleanser is to be used twice daily to prepare the skin and increase the effectiveness of the rest of the Luminesce products in the five-step regimen.

LUMINESCE™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

This powerful serum contains the highest concentration of APT-200™ and gave my skin a fresh and luminous glow. Not only did my skin look radiant, but it also diminished my fine lines and wrinkles, giving me a youthful complexion and even skin tone. This wonderful serum is to be used twice daily to get the desired results.

LUMINESCE™ Daily Moisturizing Complex

This product is a lightweight facial lotion which protects your skin against the sun with SPF 30 while moisturising and nourishing it with fruit and legume extracts to keep skin looking vibrant and beautiful. It also refreshes your skin with a special blend of vitamins and antioxidants and hydrates for a smoother looking appearance. This is to be used once a day.

LUMINESCE™ Advanced Night Repair

Replenish and restore your skin while you sleep! This moisturising night cream restores the luminosity in your skin, while reducing the appearance of fine dehydration lines for a more youthful complexion. It also refreshes tired-looking skin, leaving you with a well-rested appearance. The night cream rehydrates with richly moisturizing ingredients and replenishes with vitamins and antioxidants. This is to be applied before bed.

LUMINESCE™ Ultimate Lifting Masque

And, for a little self-pampering, give yourself a facial spa treatment with this nourishing and lifting masque. Use this masque once a week to exfoliate your skin for a deeper and more thorough cleanse. The end result is a brightened appearance and youthful-looking skin.

For more information

For more information about Luminesce and their products, you can contact Shelley Marriott on 072 235 2467 or email

By Fallyn Farber

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