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At the beginning of last year, I completely gave up on a popular cosmetic house after having been prescribed R7 000’s worth of products at one beauty salon, only to be told by another that they were completely wrong for my skin type. I then went the dermatologist route, which necessitated quite a hectic routine of Retinol creams and chemical peels – which did help my pigmentation but also left me with dehydrated skin and an outbreak of eczema. Not ideal either.

So I was rather fascinated to see a friend at Christmas who I had not seen for over 6 months, and to almost immediately notice that her skin looked amazing! It appeared more hydrated and luminous (despite her exercising outdoors) and she looked about 5 years younger!

Anyway, it turns out that she has been using Africology – a natural, eco-friendly skincare company focused on enhancing your skin and preventing premature ageing. (Products are also not tested on animals.) She also mentioned that she had created a spreadsheet to see how much the products cost her (price versus how long they lasted) and she worked out that she pays R15 a day for products, which works out to R450 a month. Fabulous!

Needless to say, I immediately got in touch with Africology and offered to use my face as a “guinea pig” for a period of three months to see if their products actually work on my skin. And they agreed!

In a nutshell – I attended a VISIA facial analysis at Africology Parkhurst (hey, it’s FREE for all customers!) where my skin was analysed for spots, wrinkles, pores, UV spots and red areas (the closer your score is to 100%, the better). This very scientific approach helped you see exactly what your skin needs – and is repeated after 3 months to see if your scores have improved. Here are my initial pictures – you can see that I need some work when it comes to spots (marks on my face – pigmentation, blemishes etc) and brown spots.

Africology VISIA Facial Analysis

I then had what has to be THE most amazing facial from Cici – an Africology Bespoke Facial (R750 for 80 minutes) where she used my VISIA facial analysis results as a guide for what to use in my facial. It was absolute heaven and included the best foot massage I have ever had!

Certain products were then recommended based on my VISIA results and what CiCi picked up in the facial. And I was sent home to give them a try!

My initial thoughts are that I LOVE the smell – you feel like you are in a spa each and every day when you use them. I love the Purifying Cleansing Gel (R280), which removes every trace of makeup but doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight, and have developed a close relationship with my Anti-Oxidant Serum (R500) which can also be used around the eyes. The Moisturiser is thicker than I am used to and has a natural SPF of 15 – but after a few days, I am enjoying how hydrating it is without it feeling too heavy.


After just two weeks, I can report back that all the small blemishes on my face have cleared up, and that I have absolutely no blackheads on my nose at all (a first for me). My skin still feels quite dehydrated – but there is a definite improvement on how it was two weeks ago. I was also so impressed with my facial and VISIA skin analysis that I booked Steve in for one – and yes, he is now using some of my products!

All in all, I am cautiously optimistic that I may FINALLY be on to a solution and can’t wait for my next VISIA skin analysis to see if my scores have improved. I’ll also be having another facial in a few weeks times – the highlight of my month!

By Shelli NT


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Africology is a eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company in South Africa offering a natural therapeutic approach to enhance your skin


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