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Get Your Party On At Salsa Mexican Grill

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When it comes to hotspots in Joburg, it can be hard to find the ‘perfect' place to hang out with friends over some good food and fabulous drinks. And when I say drinks, I mean Margaritas –  by the jug – of course. That’s why you should head down to Salsa Mexican Grill in Parkhurst.

A while back, I had been to the first Salsa restaurant, in Fourways, with some friends and had a fabulous time. So, when I heard they were opening up two franchises (the first in Parkhurst, and the second in Bedfordview later this year), I was thrilled. Nachos should never be too far away. Not these nachos, anyway.

When Salsa Mexican Grill Parkhurst opened its doors at the end of May, I hadn’t seen so many people as excited about a restaurant before. I guess it’s because it’s different – Mexican cuisine is notoriously hard to come by in Jozi, but maybe this means restaurants are starting a new trend?

Get Your Party On At Salsa Mexican Grill

Not to say we didn't love our choices of Joburg dining before, but it can get a little boring at times when you find yourself choosing between pasta, steak and seafood at almost every restaurant.

Salsa, on the other hand, promises to keep your taste buds screaming for more, your tummy satisfied, and your social life in check… and perhaps your contract with Uber extended until further notice. Two words: margarita jugs. Ay carumba!

With a variety of delicious food from tacos and burritos to their craft tequila (yes, ladies and gentlemen, craft beer can step to the side now), there really is no reason for you not to pay them a visit. And what’s a meal without dessert, right? For this, there’s nothing better than a plate of churros (squiggly, fried dough pastry with chocolate drizzled over) to go down with a jug or two (dare I say three?) of Margarita. Share the jug, not the churros. Never the churros. Wear a sombrero if it will keep your mates at arm's length and away from your plate.

Get Your Party On At Salsa Mexican Grill

Brothers Yianni and Savva Raftopoulos, the owners, are there to make sure your every need is attended too… and trust me this place is a total mood booster. From the menu, to the vibe, there’s no reason not to book yourself a table for this weekend. And perhaps for the next few – I heard they get fully booked pretty quick!

Say hi to Salsa Mexican Grill on Facebook. For more information, click here.


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