Get Money Smart With Absa’s #WaysToSave Webinar Series

For financial advice and education that’s sure to assist you during these uncertain times, don’t miss the #WaysToSave Webinar Series, brought to you by the South African Savings Institute and Absa. 

About Absa’s #WaysToSave Webinar Series

July is savings month in South Africa. This year, the focus is firmly on #WaysToSave while adapting our financial plans as we face the challenges that 2020 brings. The South African Savings Institute (SASI), in association with Absa, will focus on a financial education initiative throughout July, bringing together financial experts to provide tangible insights into savings in the #WaysToSave Webinar Series.

The pandemic has pivoted many into digital communications, and SASI is no exception. SASI’s acting CEO, Gerald Mwandiambira, says, “We’re focused on building a savings culture in South Africa and we’re excited to be able to reach large audiences through this free webinar series as we share knowledge from South Africa’s leading personal finance experts to help people make smarter money choices. The environment is very challenging at the moment, and we’re addressing relevant and topical issues, including rebuilding your finances post COVID-19, bouncing back from retrenchment, and saving through stokvels. We invite people to come on this journey with us and tackle money challenges, head-on.

The #WaysToSave website includes a full online learning platform which that will launch as the webinars progress throughout July, including quiz challenge formats. Those who register and complete the challenges could win R10 000 in an Absa Tax Free Savings Account. There will also be cash prizes up for grabs during the webinars and a total of R20 000 will be given away, with several awards of R1 000 in each webinar, set to boost the savings of those who participate.

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Hosted by SASI’s acting CEO and personal finance author, Gerald Mwandiambira, and the SASI Chairperson, Prem Govender, the webinars kicked off on 8 July at 19:00, with the launch webinar featuring award-winning personal finance journalist and author, Maya Fisher-French; financial journalist, speaker and entrepreneur, Arabile Gumede; senior macro economist at Absa, Kgotso Radira; medical practitioner, broadcaster and social activist, Dr Sindi van Zyl; and the Head of Wellness at Absa, Dr Lesego Rametsi.

The SASI Chairperson, Prem Govender, says, “As we deal with the impact of COVID-19, we need to be well equipped to make decisions such as taking payment holidays or accessing savings. Now more than ever, we need to focus closely on our finances and get expert advice.

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When Is The Next Webinar? 

Ultimate Savings Hacks – The Tools We Should All Use

  • Date: Saturday, 18 July at 11:00
  • Speakers: Financial journalist, speaker and entrepreneur, Arabile Gumede. Gerald Mwandiambira, SASI’s acting CEO and author of My Money.

Financial journalist, speaker and entrepreneur, Arabile Gumede, and Gerald Mwandiambira, SASI’s acting CEO and author of My Money, have useful tips and insights into the savings tools that we can all implement – today.

What you’ll learn:

  • The tools that we should all use
  • Savings and stokvels
  • Bouncing back from retrenchment

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Know Your Money, Grow Your Money – Business & Personal Runways

  • Date: Saturday, 25 July at 11:00
  • Speakers: Kristia van Heerden, CEO of Just One Lap and host of the Fat Wallet podcast.

We tell ourselves a lot of stories about money. We think that money only affects those who have money. We think that there’s a single right answer to our financial situation. We think that there’s a difference between managing our own finances and that of a small business. In this webinar by the CEO of Just One Lap, Kristia van Heerden, we dispel these myths and show you how to do it all yourself.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to arm yourself for good financial decision-making
  • How to think about money when you don’t have any
  • How the principles of personal finance apply to business

Your Financial Health & Wellbeing

  • Date: Saturday, 01 August at 11:00
  • Speakers: Dr. Sindi van Zyl, medical practitioner, broadcaster and social activist, and Dr Lesego Rametsi, Group Head of Health and Wellness at Absa.

Our financial situation is one of the key drivers of our happiness and wellbeing. Now is the time to ensure that you are securing your financial future.

What you’ll learn:

  • Financial stability and your wellbeing
  • Protecting your healthcare
  • Investing in your future

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Watch the full series of webinars, register on to complete the savings challenges, and you could win R10 000 in an Absa Tax Free Savings Account.

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