Get Clued In On The Escape Room Craze


Do you know what I love about Joburg? It’s the fact that there’s always something new, unique or downright interesting to try! Having said that, I recently decided to give the incredibly entertaining Clued In a go, and I dare say that I’ve been bitten by the ‘escape room’ bug.

If there’s one thing I find intriguing, it’s mysteries. Give me a Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew novel any day! That’s probably why I find the concept of escape rooms so enjoyable – they’re like something out of a murder mystery.

While there are several escape rooms in and around Joburg, I only woke up to the concept quite recently, and my first try was at Clued In, in Parkview. It’s located in a residential neighbourhood, but once you’re inside the escape room itself – you’ll feel as though you’re in a different world altogether.

I decided to try it out with a group of friends (it’s best to go with no less than three and no more than five). You get 60 minutes to decipher clues and puzzles, and to locate what has been recorded as “some of the largest gold nuggets discovered in the Joburg area”. My advice is don’t be afraid to think outside of the box… anything is possible.

I’m not going to give away too much (it takes away from the excitement of it), but there’s definitely fun to be had here. And if you’re still new to the escape room craze, don’t stress – one of the super friendly staff at Clued In will give you hints when necessary. Another thing that I love about it is that it’s SA focused… which gives it a nice, home-grown feel.

Unfortunately, we finished just two minutes over our time, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. If you’re looking for something fun to do with friends, or even for a great teambuilding exercise, I highly recommend this – one thing’s for sure, if you don’t work as a team, you’ll never escape the room!

For more info on Clued In, visit or email them at

By Nicole Naidoo

Have you given Clued In a try? Tell us how you enjoyed the experience in the comments section below!

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