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Get Around The City Like A Taxi Driver With These Apps

Get Around The City Like A Taxi Driver With These Apps

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How do we get around the city like a Bab' Mkhize (taxi driver)? Unlike many taxi drivers, we have technology on our side, making getting around the city easier and faster. Here are some apps you definitely need. Car

All The Car Apps You Need To Get Around Town

We all know that Joburg taxi drivers are impatient, funny at times and an overall fun sport to have when driving. Although not always pleasant, we've come to accept that they are part of our lives. And without them, many people who use public transport wouldn't be able to get around the city. And with these apps, you'll also be driving around like a taxi driver, and may even find yourself featured on #TaxiChronicles.



Waze is an app that is free on both Android and iOS. Its main function is to inform you about traffic on the roads, making sure you get around the city as quickly and as effectively as possible. We all know just how tiring it is to come back from work and drive in heavy Joburg traffic, but this app helps you avoid congestion and get home safely. Other functions include informing you about accidents, traffic congestion, malfunctioning robots, police presence, alternative route suggestions and syncing you and a friend's arrival times to meetup points.


Google Maps

Google Maps has made it possible for most of us to get around. Whether you're walking or driving, this app easily directs you to your destination. And to help you avoid using your phone while driving, you can get in-car navigation and go around the city like a pro.

Torque Pro

Most of us can't afford to deal with car problems, but the least we can do is be prepared for these issues. Which is why getting this app is so important. Torque Pro reduces the element of surprise and reports any faults your car may have before it's too late. It conducts a car performance and diagnosis on any problems your car may have.

Find My Car

Have you ever lost your car in a parking lot at a mall? We definitely have, and it is incredibly frustrating. But with this app, you can find your car without any hassles. Find My Car helps you find your car by using GPS location services and Internet connectivity, automatically saving your parking location.

Discovery Insure App

With the Discovery Insure app and tag device, Discovery Insure clients get real-time feedback on their driving, among other innovative features. All you need to do is enable smartphone DQ-Track, which incorporates the Discovery Insure app and tag device. Get this app now, because every good driver deserves to earn fuel rewards.

Do you know of any other apps for drivers? Let us know about them in the comments section below!


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