Gauteng Wintertainment: 9 Wintry Activities for All


Gauteng may be known for its sunny skies, but there’s something undeniably magical about winter in this South African province. The crisp air, cosy vibes, and exciting events create the perfect opportunity to explore Gauteng’s diverse offerings. Whether you’re a family seeking quality time together or an adult looking for adventurous activities, Gauteng has something for everyone to enjoy during the winter months.

June Adventures & Thrills With Gautrain

June is definitely a busy month! Youth Day is coming up, which is shared with Father’s Day. And as of the long weekend, school holidays will be here too! So, surely you’re looking into plenty of exciting adventures and thrills to cover all bases – spoiling Dad, celebrating Youth Day, and keeping the kids entertained.

To ensure you get to these fun-filled adventures safely and quickly, Gautrain will be there to get you to the moments that matter and keep the boredom at bay.

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Get Active with Indoor Rock Climbing

Looking for a thrilling winter adventure? Gauteng’s indoor rock climbing gyms offer the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and get your adrenaline pumping. With climbing routes designed for all skill levels, these gyms provide a safe and controlled environment to learn the ropes (literally!) or hone your existing climbing skills. It’s a fantastic activity for families and adults seeking an active and physically demanding challenge. Visit City ROCK or Friends and Allies.

Details: | 010 007 2732 | | 173 Republic Road, Fontainebleau.

Visit a Local Museum and Immerse Yourself in Culture

Gauteng boasts a wealth of museums showcasing South Africa’s rich history, art, and culture. From the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg to the Pretoria National Botanical Garden, there’s a museum for everyone’s interests. Museums provide a stimulating and educational activity for families with children, offering a chance to learn about different cultures and historical periods.

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Embrace Your Inner Artist at a Paint and Sip Studio

Embrace the cosy vibes of winter with a creative twist! Gauteng boasts a vibrant selection of paint and sip studios, where you can unleash your inner artist while enjoying a glass of wine or craft beer. Many studios such as Yaymaker and The Creatory offer themed sessions, from painting iconic landscapes to replicating famous artworks. It’s a perfect bonding activity for families, couples, or groups of friends, providing a memorable and artistic experience.

Learn a New Skill with Adult Dance Classes

Winter is a great time to pick up a new hobby. Gauteng offers a wide variety of adult dance classes catering to all interests and skill levels. From ballroom dancing to hip-hop or salsa, there’s a class out there to get your feet moving and your heart pumping. Learning to dance is not only a fun and social activity but also provides a great way to stay fit and improve coordination.

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Bond Over a Laser Tag Battle

Gear up for some friendly competition at one of Gauteng’s many laser tag arenas. This fast-paced activity is perfect for families and adults looking for a fun and interactive way to spend quality time together. The strategic elements and physical exertion make laser tag a fantastic option for team building or simply letting loose and having some laughs.

Details: | 010 143 0364  | | Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways, Johannesburg.

Visit Sterkfontein Caves

Delve into Gauteng’s rich history with a fascinating tour of the Sterkfontein Caves. Located northwest of Johannesburg, these UNESCO World Heritage Site caves are renowned for their significant archaeological discoveries, including the “Mrs. Ples” Australopithecus africanus skull. The guided tours offer a glimpse into our prehistoric past, making it an educational and captivating activity for families and adults alike.

Details: 014 577 9000 |

Eat Your Way Through Johannesburg’s Decadent Dessert Spots

Indulge your sweet tooth! Winter is a prime time to indulge in sweet treats, and Johannesburg offers a delectable selection of dessert destinations to satisfy your cravings. Not sure where to start? Have a look at our decadent hot spots article for inspiration!

Test Your Trivia at a Pub Quiz Night

Gather your friends and family and put your general knowledge to the test at a lively pub quiz night! Many pubs and restaurants across Gauteng host these trivia evenings, offering a fun and competitive way to spend a winter evening. With rounds covering everything from history and science to pop culture and current events, there’s something for everyone to contribute. These quiz nights often come with delicious food and drink specials, making them a perfect option for a casual and social outing. So, grab your thinking caps, form your team, and see if you can emerge victorious as Gauteng’s ultimate trivia champions!

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Gauteng’s winter months offer a unique opportunity to explore the province’s diverse offerings. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities, adventurous pursuits, or cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during the cooler season. So, bundle up, embrace the crisp air, and create lasting memories with these exciting winter activities in Gauteng.

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