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Fun Disciplines You Can Enroll The Kids In

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Find the best disciplines to enroll your child in for something fun, exciting and mind fuelling. Bounce Inc  

One of the best things that you can do for a child is to enroll them in a discipline. Kids need extra mural activities to help them learn the basics of human interaction and other social skills.

Through the art of discipline, kids are able to discover themselves, their likes and dislikes at an early age. Here are some benefits to enrolling your children in an extra mural activity:

  • Through extra murals, kids will be able to develop a new skill.
  • Kids will be able to partake in something they enjoy.
  • Kids will be kept busy and out of mischief.
  • They will have fun.

Let's explore some of the things kids can enroll in.



MiniChess creates a place where children can develop their strategic thinking skills. It can also advance a child's capabilities in Mathematics and discipline.

When playing chess, children will be be challenged. MiniChess is a great place to enroll the kids for something fun and educational.

The Art Of Movement

The Art Of Movement is a dance group that specialises in many different lessons for kids.

Here, the kids will be able to learn various dances, including tap dancing, modern dance, salsa, hip hop and many more.

This is great to keep the kids active and entertained.



Bounce has become one of the most innovative forms of fitness for children.

At Bounce, children can spend hours jumping away on a trampoline. Not only will this keep them active, but they will have loads of fun too.

What extra mural activity is your child enrolled in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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