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Fun Activities To Do With The Kids This Summer

Fun Activities To Do With The Kids This Summer

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As we head into the warmer months it means the summer holidays are inching ever closer. This provides a great opportunity to spend time as a family, relaxing, playing games and making memories that will last a lifetime. With what is hopefully a warm few months predicted and weeks where the kids will be off school, you want to guarantee that you don’t run out of things to do and that you don’t end up spending a small fortune to keep them entertained.

Which, let’s face it, if you were to take the kids out to an attraction every single day would soon rack up and be very expensive. This is why we have put together some top activity ideas that are guaranteed to keep the kids (and adults) entertained and having fun this summer. Read on to find out more.

Have An Art & Crafts Day

There is nothing more that kids love than getting messy and creative, so why not have an arts and crafts day? There are so many things you do with this, so make a plan and try to create some exciting things. You could build your own bird box which you can put together, paint and put up in the garden using an adhesive such as Pattex to stick it up without using any nails. You could paint some pictures or perhaps you could make some collage images using items such as leaves and twigs.  you find out on a walk. With so many options, you’re spoilt for choice and sure to make some amazing creations!

Have A Home Movie Night

If the weather is bad or you just fancy a chilled evening, why not have a family movie night? You could dress your living room up to look like a movie theatre, with signs and decorations. Then you could print tickets and have little popcorn stands and sweet bags that your children could “buy” with fake money or with their pocket money. You could even throw a movie night once a week and have a different family member choose the next film. This way everyone gets the chance to watch what they want and it’s something you can look forward to in the weeks to come.

Build Forts 

This is another creative and fun thing to do where all you require are objects you can find around the house and your imagination. You could even have a fort competition where you see who makes the best one, or perhaps you could camp in one overnight! Simply drape blankets over tables or sofas, fill the space with cushions and you have a beautiful spot where you can play and have fun!

Have A Family Sports Day In Your Garden

If you have a sporty family, why not throw a family sports day in your garden? You could do activities such as three-legged races, relay races and long jump. Think of sports that would work in the space available and have everyone play against each other. You could give prizes to the winners and even print out some certificates or get some cheap medals that they can wear. Other fun games you could try include the egg and spoon race or a sack race - just make sure no-one falls down! There’s plenty of chances to get some fun photos here too!

Take A Trip To The Beach

Another fun day out that doesn’t cost much is a trip to the beach. With this you can pack up the kids, load up the car with a picnic and have a fantastic day out. You can build sandcastles, go in the sea and relax and enjoy the fresh air. There are so many beaches around, do your research and find one that suits you. Perhaps you want a beach that is more of a resort destination with shops and cafes, or maybe you want one in a more remote destination where you can play and be loud without having to worry about other people - the choice is yours. If there are no beaches nearby, why not head to a water park instead?

These are just a few fun activities that you can do with your kids this summer. There are so many days ahead that are just begging for fun activities for the whole family to do together. Make sure that you all have a speak about what you love and feel like doing and also to compromise so you all do something you love. It’s also a good idea to have your camera at the ready to take plenty of photos and document your summer. Why not make a scrapbook at the end of the summer holidays that will show everything you have done together- another great activity to sit and do before they go back to school! What are some fun activities you have lined up to do with your children this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Ashley K Bowen.


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