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Full of Beans: Gourmet Food Trucks In Joburg?

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So we've all heard about the gourmet food trucks taking America by storm (click here if you haven't.) Oprah has featured them a few times on her show and since then it's very rare that I don't hear a conversation about this new craze, be it in public or with family. So I've decided to take a look around for something similar in Joburg and guess what... I've found something!


The name is Full of Beans - they are a mobile eatery serving superior coffee and confectioneries to the trendy central Johannesburg area. Ok, they don't take the shape of a truck per se but they certainly come to the party in style with a cute three-wheeler “Piaggio-TriVespa” scooter (see images alongside.)

The founder and owner of Full of Beans, the Brazilian born and Swiss raised Marcio Mordoh created the concept with the idea of taking advantage of the Mobile Food Movement in South Africa, after having witnessed its success internationally. Mordoh sees himself becoming the "godfather" of our mobile food industry with plans to help young entrepreneur’s start-up trucks, as well as supplying the actual mobile vending equipment through a company called M.O.V.E (Mobile Operated Vending Equipment).

Other than the funky, three wheeler Vespa, the company has also taken a very modern approach to marketing, with most of their scheduling taking place via their live Twitter feed. This is not only easy but it’s a nice way to keep in touch with your customers (not to mention this being the way the Americans are successfully doing it now). Just follow them to know where they will be next.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of something huge for both Full of Beans and the whole Johannesburg and South African Mobile Food Movement, but with the popularity of the business overseas that’s not exactly a tough prediction. If you’re a fan of the idea and want to show your support for Marcio and the future of mobile food here in Joburg then follow them on Twitter and ‘like’ his page on Facebook!

by Byron Marais

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