A Toast To Our 600th Edition

I have lived on multiple continents, immersed myself in diverse cultures and attempted to assimilate into various societies, but without fail I find myself magnetically drawn back to the City of Gold. She has a dark side and is often seen in a very pessimistic light, but, to me, Joburg will always be home.

Berrea from Ponte City - Copy

From Ponte to Sandton City, she oozes charisma and personality. I am a Joburger to the core and keep on returning – with good reason. A lot of people will disagree with my sentiments, but there isn’t another city in the world that motivates and inspires me quite like Jozi.

Today is a milestone for the Joburg.co.za brand as we celebrate our 600th edition of the Joburg Weekly Guide, and with that I would like to personally thank you all for being there for the journey and exploring Joburg together with us.

When I first took over the reins at Joburg.co.za, we were criticised for viewing the city through rose-tinted glasses. I was initially taken aback by this comment but have concluded that we view this city in such a positive light for a very good reason. The reason that I am referring to isn’t Egoli’s spectacular climate, her cultural diversity or the fact that we live in the world’s biggest man-made forest. It isn’t even the raw talent found in our art and music scene, nor is it the incredible array of restaurants that we have to choose from.

The reason that we view Joburg with such love and passion is all of you. It is the people of this incredible city that have always made me return from my ventures abroad and why I and my team dedicate our lives to promoting everything special about this spectacular town.

Cape Town can keep its mountain and beaches, we have Joburgers – and that is the reason why Joburg.co.za would like to make the platform more about you. As this city belongs to all of us, we want to get our readers and the community more involved, and with that we will strive not only to reach many more milestones but to also make the portal more about the city’s greatest attribute, its citizens. We want to hear more about what you love about Jozi. What are you favourite spots? Where do you take your out-of-town visitors and where would you recommend we go to try your favourite dish?

We have big plans for the Joburg.co.za platform (watch this space) and a major element of these plans involves a lot more community involvement, which is why we have relaunched Joburg’s Choice. It will give you, our incredible readers, the opportunity to choose your favourite restaurants, bars, markets, clubs, retailers, etc. We have included several foodie articles in this week’s 600th edition of our newsletter, where you can select your favourites. Also, if we haven’t included your choice, we would love to know what it is, so make sure to leave a comment.

From the whole team at Joburg.co.za we thank you. Here’s to the next 100 editions of the Joburg Weekly Guide – cheers!

By Ryan Sessel

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