Performing Arts Comes Alive At Franklin Players

Tucked away in the unexpected area of Roosevelt Park is the Franklin Players stage. This stage has seen many stories told. Franklin Players is a society that aims to keep the performing art alive. This community theatre group has been around long enough to have told many a tale, boasting at least three productions a year.


Franklin Players aims to create a community that embraces the beauty of the performing arts. They don't only open their society to actors and actresses, but offer new opportunities to backstage aspiring young talent too.

The Franklin Players admire talent over experience, giving an opportunity to many aspiring young professionals.

It's all about building a family and community that brings talent to every element that grows Franklin Players and theatre at large.

Franklin Players

Auditions & Performance

Franklin Players often hold castings for their exciting productions. They perform big shows during the middle of the year and at year-end, with many other exciting productions in between. The best way to keep up is by following their Facebook page or by signing up to their newsletter.

Franklin Players

The actors and crew don't get paid for what they do, the aim is to uplift, give back and share works of art. Join the Franklin membership to audition for any of their productions and to attend their workshops and events throughout the year.

"It’s a passion, a creative outlet, and a home away from home where we have made many friends – it’s more like a Franklin family," says Franklin Players.

A Good Cause

Apart from the amazing opportunities offered to aspiring actors and crew members, Franklin Players donates at least 10% of ticket sales to selected charities.

Franklin Players

As An Art Appreciator 

At Franklin Players, you will get to enjoy some awesome productions, including their famous annual panto. Their panto is the most anticipated performance. The production is stellar and includes the likes of Peter Goes To Wonderland, The Kat Trap, Once Upon A Party and more.

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