Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff's Chef Daniel Payne Has His Eyes On The Prize

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Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff's very own, Chef Daniel Payne has his eyes on the prestigious San Pellegrino Young Chef award 2019-2020. Here's more on this young and talented chef and his entry dish that got him the position as one of the young South African chefs who have been selected.

Chef Daniel Payne Is Set To Sizzle

Daniel Payne, Head Chef of View Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, has his eyes on the prize – the San Pellegrino Young Chef award 2019-2020, that is.

Chef Payne has made his culinary home at the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. Having joined the hotel in 2014 under his predecessor, Head Chef Dirk Gieselmann; a three-Michelin starred master, Chef Payne has proven himself to be dynamic and progressive, from menu planning to the pass. Now at 28 years old, he has been enticing patrons with his original approach to gastronomy.

Westcliff Daniel Payne

As the only Four Seasons Hotel in South Africa, we understand that our guests have high expectations,” explains Chef Payne. “They are well travelled and are familiar with Michelin-starred dining. We strive to live up to this ideal and I believe we succeed. Not only is View one of the most exquisite places to dine, but our menu celebrates South Africa and the incredible array of quality ingredients and techniques that we have.

Chef Payne takes great delight in experimenting with global inspirations, earning himself solid foodie cred. “I love the delicacy and purity of the French approach to food, but I have to put my own spin on it, whether it’s through Asian fermentations or German flavours,” describes Chef Payne.

His eccentrically innovative approach to food is the backbone of View's sumptuous menu, which includes Skate with squid ink spätzle, chorizo, Inkomazi, mussel and nasturtium, as well as the delicately oak-smoked Karoo lamb loin and breast, with watercress, aubergine, fermented tofu and hazelnut.

The Winning Dish

No dish captures Chef Payne's methodology better than the virtuosic entry that placed him in the prestigious San Pellegrino Young Chef award 2019-2020 - Ekugaleni. Translated from the Zulu word for “In the Beginning”, Ekugaleni celebrates two uniquely South African ingredients: the green mielie and the black-necked ostrich, in an homage to the hunter/gatherer lifestyle of the Khoi San.

Simple in nature, but complex in flavour, the dish features a succulently braaied ostrich fan fillet, accompanied by a sliver of green mielie, which has been fermented in Umqombothi (a traditional beer made by View’s own chefs). Atop rests an Ostrich-egg herb custard complemented by rooibos-smoked ostrich-liver parfait, highlighted by nuances of brandy and red wine. A dehydrated mielie chip and silk strands add texture to the dish, which is then finished with a rich venison jus. The result is an explosion of tastes that is unlike any other yet hints at the familiar.


Inspiration for a dish can literally come out of anywhere,” remarks Chef Payne. “Walking through crunchy autumn leaves can ignite an idea or a smell will trigger a food memory. It can come from a suggestion or a tradition – that is the nature of food, it's evocative.”

How Chef Payne Got Into The Industry

Having graduated from the International Hotel School with a Diploma in Food and Beverage Management and a Diploma in Hospitality Management, Chef Payne threw himself into the industry gaining as much experience as possible. “I was extremely lucky to have been guided by two great leaders,” says Chef Payne. “Chef Klaus Beckmann (former Executive Chef of the old Westcliff Hotel), inspired me with his food knowledge, technique and precision – he taught me to be a perfectionist. Whilst Chef Gieselmann instilled in me an appreciation for fine dining and was instrumental in the progression of my career.

Westcliff Daniel Payne

Chef Payne’s passion for food goes beyond the confines of a kitchen and believes that gastronomy can be a tool for social change. “I want to provide underprivileged youths with a platform to develop their culinary skills and empower them to become self-sufficient. We live in a society of great excess and extreme scarcity at the same time. I want to tackle this problem by creating awareness around food wastage and promote the ideology of sustainability.”

Chef Payne joins seven other young South African chefs, who have been selected for the next stage in the San Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year award.

Follow Chef Payne’s culinary journey through the View’s tasting menu – five sophisticated offerings that will tantalize the palate. Whether you are a committed carnivore, vegetarian or pescatarian, View Restaurant will provide an experience as awe-inspiring as its setting.

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