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For Once | Why Should I Hestitate?

For Once | Why Should I Hestitate?

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William Kentridge and Kyle Shepherd present 'Why Should I Hesitate?' - a collaborative concert of sight and sound - at The Centre For the Less Good Idea this February.

What Is It?

William Kentridge and Kyle Shepherd join forces to perform in the collaborative concert 'Why Should I Hesitate?' at the Centre for the Less Good Idea in Maboneng this February.

'Why Should I Hesitate?' is an expansion of their work together at the Centre and on the chamber opera Waiting for the Sibyl, which premiered in Rome in September 2019. The performance includes a section of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate, which Kentridge has performed with different musicians on several occasions in various cities; live piano performance by Shepherd to a charcoal animation film, still in progress, by Kentridge; as well as other mixtures of projection, voice and piano.

Part rehearsed and part free improvisation, the evening promises to be an interesting exploration of the relationship of sound, word and image - how the image affects what you hear, how the sound affects what you see. Tickets are selling out fast, so get yours as soon as possible!

When Is It?

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 from 20:00-22:00

Where Is It?

William Kentridge Studio, 264 Fox Street, Maboneng Precinct, City and Suburban, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R200 per person. Book yours here!

For more information

Visit their website for more information or follow The Centre for the Less Good Idea on social media:

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