Top 5 Alternative Exercises To Get Into Shape

The biggest problem with working out or getting into shape is time. Between work, chores and staying up to date with The Walking Dead, our lives have become so busy that our bodies are feeling the strain. This is where big words such as calisthenics enter the arena.




The 5BX plan was developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force to train soldiers without the use of equipment. The idea is to do five exercises within 11 minutes. How’s that for a workout? Brilliant. The first four exercises consist of gross motor movements (calisthenics) and the last one is an aerobic exercise. The exercises are arranged according to difficulty starting with the easiest first. The routine starts with light stretching and then moves on to sit-ups, back extension, push-ups and concludes with running in place.


Want to take a shot at being Indiana Jones? Here’s your chance. Grab your GPS-enabled cellphone, a pen and some paper and go treasure hunting — whip and fedora optional. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a GPS or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called ‘geocaches’ or ‘caches’, anywhere in the world. It takes tons of physical activity and makes for a great outing. There are geocaching apps available for Apple, Microsoft and Android devices.

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Yup. Shaking what your mamma gave you can slim the waist and trim the cholesterol from your veins. The trick is to burn the calories you consume right off, right? Well, attend a swing dance class and you’ll not only learn a new skill to impress the rest of us with but your heart will thank you. It’s all about feeling and looking great. As daunting as learning a new trick might seem it is completely and utterly possible. Besides, it’s cheaper than going to the gym.

Spring Cleaning

Nobody WANTS to clean but why not knock two chores off the list by mixing cleaning and cardio? Put a bit of a swing in your step when sweeping the patio, or do a couple of jumping jacks when dusting the chandeliers. What works very well is to listen to music when you do this. Recently the only way we could get ourselves to do the dishes was by popping in earphones and listening to new music. Who knew Aesop Rock Could get us to scrub week-old lasagne out of the baking tray? Burn those buns, baby!

Street Workout

Do you remember playing in the park when you were a kid? Climbing up the jungle gym and sliding down the slide? It all seemed so big back then, but now it all seems so small. Well, now that you’re older you have an excuse to head back to the park to swing around the monkey bars. Street workout is something of a phenomenon which started out in Eastern Europe. Pull-ups and push-ups take on a new meaning when using a child’s toy as an apparatus.

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