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Fitness & Health Pro, Lisa Raleigh, Opens Her First Store!

Fitness & Health Pro, Lisa Raleigh, Opens Her First Store!

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Health and fitness specialist, Lisa Raleigh, is expanding her offering to her followers. Those you know and love Lisa have known that you can shop her offerings at her online store. But now, her online store will also be moving into a more physical place to browse and shop. If you haven't guessed it yet, Lisa Raleigh is opening her first store this July, at the popular Nicolway Shopping Centre!

Open For Business!

Lisa Raleigh finally opens the doors to her very own store at Nicolway Shopping Centre this July and we couldn't be more excited! If you're not sure who she is is, she is a wellness and fitness specialist, building a wellness empire, supporting small South African business and local artists through her equipment, accessories and Body Kind athlesuire brand.

lisa raleigh new store

Lisa's brand offers incredible health and fitness items for pregnant moms, post-baby moms, and everything else in-between. And, she is excited to announce the expansion of her business, from her online store to bricks and mortar at Nicolway Shopping Centre. You can now experience her three brands in this one-of-a-kind retail store, allowing shoppers the opportunity to get advice, information, a custom fitting experience, to touch and engage with incredible products, and learn how best they can work for each customer personally.

Spend time in store, talking to their expert team about their diverse offering of health and wellness services, and items to enhance and add value to your personal wellness and fitness journey. Happy shopping!

lisa raleigh new store

What To Expect?

Wondering what you can expect at the brand-new store. Well, we can tell you that you can expect a little bit of everything to get your started on the right path when it comes to fitness and health.

A New Athleisure Range

Find Lisa Raleigh's new and incredible Body Kind athleisure items, ranging from new mess details t-shirts and reversible jackets to track and jogger pants and tote bags – all proudly made in South Africa.

Click here to have a look at the Body Kind collection.

South African Made Rebounders

Rebounding is one of the fastest growing fitness modalities in the country. Here, the Bounti rebounder collection includes a unique variety of rebounders, including the South African manufactured Bounti Studio Deluxe rebounder.

Click here to view the Bounti rebounder collection.

Fitness For All Shapes, Sizes & Fitness Levels

Lisa’s Bounti brand has become synonymous with innovation and the celebration of every kind of South African woman – her rebounders are ideal for all fitness levels and ages. Bounti offers a collection of locally designed and created accessories, carry bags, and workout equipment to expand on the rebounding experience.

With programmes, workouts and equipment aligned with all age groups, Bounti is on a growth trajectory that embodies health and wellness. Offering world-first classes like Boga (rebounding and Yoga); HIIT (on a rebounder); Bounti Glow (mature generation fitness model); and a few more, everyone can bounce in on the Bounti rebounding train!

Lisa’s online class library of rebounding workouts and programmes is one of the most comprehensive, containing several world-first rebounding programmes. And her Bounti instructor programme has trained and certified rebounding trainers across the world.

Her Bounti brand and business is the largest rebounding fitness equipment and services supplier on the continent, and with its relatively new launch in the UK, has just begun to establish a global footprint.

Breakthrough Research Lisa’s Bounti Rebounding Has The Seal Of Approval by CANSA

More recently, rebounding has gained popularity as a modality appropriate for men. And it has become one of the companies to gain the CANSA seal of approval as a powerful force in the reduction of cancer risk.

Now in partnership with her husband, (technology businessman and investor) Stafford Masie, together they are embracing this unique business growth journey. The duo has extended their reach through powerful partnerships with the likes of Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply, Biogen and Dis-Chem. These partnerships facilitate huge benefits for customers and members, offering significant discounts and value across all the Lisa Raleigh brands.

For More Information

For more information about Lisa Raleigh and her brands and offers, visit her website at

You can also contact them on [email protected] or 079 534 4262.

Don't forget to follow Lisa Raleigh on her social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to keep up to date with the latest events, offers, specials, information and more.


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