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Artists That Will Inspire You To Find Your Inner Picasso

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Art is one of the most expressive activities. Get in touch with your inner Picasso with one of these artists and art schools in Johannesburg.  Art Johannesburg

If you're looking for something to keep you busy, we've got just the thing for you. Why not introduce yourself to some art schools around Johannesburg?

Painting has become a growing form of art in Joburg. The artistic trends that have been popping up everywhere have inspired the traditional art forms to spark. With markets, precincts, pop-ups and galleries embracing this art form.

Sue Martin

Sue Martin Fine Arts

Sue Martin’s work incorporates various media, including painting, printmaking and photography.

Sue's work tells a story that truly speaks to the African market and eye. She prides herself in creating masterpieces that evoke emotion.

According to Sue, "It’s not about making a painting but rather about making space."

You can see some of her work at Everard Read, In Toto Gallery, Gallery (011), Candice Berman Gallery and Julie Miller Investment Art Gallery.

Art Johannesburg

Lillian Gray Fine Artists & Art School

Lillian, owner of the art school, was inspired to start the Lillian Gray Fine Artists & Art School by her love of creativity.

The school focuses on creativity and developing skills. Their focus is on ages six and up, allowing different age groups to find themselves in contemporary fine arts.

They have classes that focus on charcoal art, drawing, watercolours, clay, acrylic and oil painting. Their classes will not only up-skill you, but will improve your eye for art.

Art Johannesburg

The Fine Art Workshop

The Fine Art Workshop is all about creating something out of nothing through oil painting, drawing, sculpture and conceptual art.

Offering courses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Florence Italy, the workshop offers art and travel packages that will have you exploring a world of art.

Attend their open classes, taking place on Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Art Johannesburg

The Streets Of Joburg

Joburg is filled with a lot of street art and taking to the streets is the best place to get inspiration. Some of the places you can check out include Newtown, Braamfontein and Maboneng, to name a few.

Try Paint Nite

If you want something more practical, then grab a friend or loved one and head to your nearest Paint Night.

Now popping up at restaurants all over the city, Paint Nite is the perfect spot to get some hands on painting experience and learn the basics of painting.

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