Feel Good Pick ‘n’ Mix

Are you craving delicious, cruelty-free sweet treats? Feel Good Pick ‘n’ Mix has the selection of your dreams…

Who Are They?

Feel Good Pick ‘n’ Mix provides fully imported sweets that are both health conscious and vegan-friendly. All sweets are free of gelatin, dairy, palm oil, honey, beeswax or bone-char refined sugar. As a completely cruelty-free company, they also only use LDPE fully recyclable materials for their packaging.

Feel Good Pick 'n' Mix

Where Are They Located?


Do They Deliver?


For More Information

For more information, visit their website at https://www.feelgoodpicknmix.co.za/.

Details: 081 450 7557 | info@feelgoodpicknmix.co.za

Social: Facebook | Instagram

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