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Going Down Memory Lane With Timeless Fashion Brands

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Check out these classic influential fashion brands that are still making us look good to this day.  Influential fashion brands

Fashion brands play one of the most influential roles in the world by bringing together those who love fashion and dressing up and by creating a hype around the latest trends.

The Influence

The most fashionable brands in the industry are partnering with celebrities to target a specific niche.

Celebrities have become an influence, motivating their fans to buy new labels.

Some of the brands that have made a huge impact on us include Converse, ASICS, Diesel and Adidas. And these labels are still going strong.

Influential fashion brands


Converse is one of the brands that has become associated with many names including Chuck Taylors, Chuck and All Stars.

What began as a basketball sneaker, is now a much loved sneaker, fashion statement and form of expression. Evolving through innovation, Converse is still producing jaw droppers.



ASICS is an old-school brand that recently came back with a bang. This versatile brand is a popular choice for both young and old.

Originally a sneaker for running, these sneakers are now the go-to for any occasion. ASICS is creating fashionable items for everyone.

Influential fashion brands


Diesel has been crafting good quality fashion items for many years. Their look speaks of confidence, edge and fashion forward trends.

Diesel makes clothing with unexpected cuts and combinations with old school designs and denim.This brand stays true to their style while keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Sneakers The Zone Rosebank


Adidas is a popular choice among the most loved and influential celebrities.

Their partnership with Missy Elliott became one of the most influential and innovative campaigns.

Adidas is still running strong and continue to make amazing fashion statements that we love.

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