Family Fun In Amsterdam


If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam but not quite sure how to entertain your little ones once you’re there, wonder not, because we’ve got the perfect activities to keep the whole family happy. So, whether it’s your tots or teens who will be tagging along, be sure to check out these top fun-filled family attractions that will keep them busy for a few hours, at least.


Visit Museums and Attractions

Start off your trip by introducing your kids to Amsterdam and take them on a fun and educational sightseeing experience at one of the museums and historical sites. These museums aren’t the typical silent exhibitions that will leave them restless, but rather they offer excitement through playful activities and hands-on exhibits.

Join in Fun, Active Adventures

For a bit of Dutch activities, be sure to stop at Amsterdam Kermis. This is a fun-fair that has all things traditional, from the Ferris wheel, markets, stalls to cotton candy and so much more. If that seems like a handful, then why not enjoy a day out at one of the local parks. You can rent a bike and explore the area or take on some indoor fun at one of the massive indoor playgrounds that has bowling activities, laser tagging and rock climbing.

Amsterdam Funn

Visit Petting Zoos

What is a trip to Amsterdam without a little taste of countryside life? Amsterdam is home to friendly petting zoos that allow you to take in breathtaking country sights and interact with small animals and farmyard friends. You can even take your four-legged friends along.

Introduce the Kids to Cultural Fun

Check out some of Amsterdam’s notable cultural attractions, such as their traditional music venues, watch street performances or take the family on a canal boat tour to visit the city’s historical sites. You can also simply pop into a local cinema to enjoy a family movie.


This one is for the teens and adults. End off your trip with an Amsterdam shopping experience! This city is a shopper’s paradise – from massive department stores and high-end boutiques to vintage shops and flea markets. Grab some souvenirs for loved ones back home.

KLM - Bring The Little Ones Along

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