Extreme Ziplining In Cullinan Is A Must!


When it comes to extreme outdoor adventures, we are spoilt for choice in and around Joburg! Here’s why we think Extreme Ziplining needs to be on your list of weekend activities…


Cullinan is becoming increasingly popular as more people realise how much there is to do just 30km east of Pretoria. This charming and very quaint village – named after Sir Thomas Cullinan – is well-known for being the site of discovery of the world’s largest diamond.

Visitors can book surface tours, underground tours or spend time eating, drinking and shopping up a storm along the town’s “High Street”. Those feeling more adventurous can head to GorgeGlide Cullinan for a spot of ziplining!


There are four different zip lines crossing the Muningi Gorge, totalling 1,5km in length. You can expect to zipline over sheer drops in excess of 80 meters high and reach speeds of up to 90km/h. But fear not, those wanting a more sedate experience can opt for the “Granny” route (as opposed to the “superman” route). We suggest starting with the “Granny”!

Need more persuading? Check out the video below!

Here’s what you need to know:

Restrictions: Weight restriction. 40kg – 120kg only

Group size: 2 – 13 people per session

Duration: 2 hours

What to wear: Comfortable closed walking shoes. Hat and sunblock. No dresses or skirts (because of the harness).

Included in price: All safety and protective gear supplied and bottled water halfway

Cost: Approximately R595 per person

Other activities include hiking through the gorge, and abseiling down a 55m cliff – so many options for a spectacular day out!

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