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The upmarket neighbourhood of Dunkeld is a fun-filled place to work, play, stay and party in. Here’s what you can expect from Craighall’s cousin up the road. 




Let’s be honest, the best place to start is Motherland. This is not an option – just go with it. Whether popping in for a takeaway cappuccino, having a meeting, doing some work on your laptop, grabbing a bite to eat or needing some extreme comfort in the form of a Dictator (Espresso with condensed milk) – Motherland’s loyalty card might soon be your best friend. (Hint: Buy coffee for a friend and pin the voucher to the dedicated board in the entryway. Take a photo and send to your friend. Bask in inner smugness.)


Still a firm favourite despite having been there countless amounts of time, Glenda’s never fails to disappoint when it comes to seasonal flavours, a constantly changing menu, sumptuous décor and a tempting takeaway patisserie counter. Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner are all excellent options, depending on your budget, as you really can’t go wrong! (Hint: try their bar snacks as a less “spendy” alternative – their Maple Bacon Popcorn, Crispy Chicken Wings, Sweet Potato Fries and Cheesy Choux Puffs are reason enough to visit.)

Winehouse At 10 Bompas

If you haven’t yet paid a visit to this phenomenal eatery, then best you make plans to visit in the next few months. The menu is limited enough to avoid “decision-based fatigue,” but wide enough to ensure you are still spoilt for choice, their wine tasting evenings are incredibly popular and the service is top notch. (Hint: Those wanting the ultimate splurge can book a degustation 9-course tasting menu with optional wine pairing – does anyone have an anniversary coming up?)


This award-winning restaurant is still one of the best places to go for an outstanding meal or special occasion. DW-Eleven-13 source the best fresh and sustainable produce in order to create exploratory and innovative dishes that linger in the mind long after they have left your taste buds. If you’re after quality, you simply can’t go wrong with this venue.


Fournos has the best croissants, amazing coffee, superb everything – you know it’s good by the number of repeat visitors (including ourselves!) Let’s move on.




It is impossible to walk out of Firehouse empty-handed – their wide selection of gorgeous decor items, soft furnishings, glassware and crockery will have you browsing for ages. Their range of French table linen is reason enough to visit, and you’ll always be able to find a gift for that special someone (even if that special someone is yourself! (Hint: They offer the most superb gift wrapping service – it’s worth waiting a few minutes to have it done!)

Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers

While their fruit and veg offering is superb, it’s the flowers that keep us coming back week after week. Not only are they very well-priced, incredibly fresh and last far longer than most other flower suppliers we’ve tried, but they also offer on-site flower arranging on a “please tip” basis. Hands down the best place to get a ready-made bouquet or custom arrangement. We’re big fans of Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers.

Hayley Joy

Offering exquisite designer clothing for plus-size women, this Dunkeld store and online shop has changed the way curvier women shop. Not only are the prices incredibly competitive, but the styles are flattering and designed to celebrate your shape. (Hint: The online shop is great from a convenience perspective, but the store itself is so worth the visit and has a wider variety.)

Fisherman’s Deli
You may have driven past it, but have you ever been inside this upmarket delicatessen (that has been there since 1981!) The winner of numerous “Best of Joburg” awards and featuring a variety of fresh and frozen fish and seafood, as well as freshly-prepared sushi, the store also offers regular specials that make Fisherman’s Deli well worth a visit.


Color Cafe

This Color Cafe is ALWAYS a hit with kids and offers both ceramic painting and mosaicing. The coffee is good, the service is personal and attentive (without being stifling), and moms and dads can get involved (if they can resist the urge to take over and make everything “perfect”. (Hint: groups of friends can also get together and make a kitchen tea, farewell, baby shower, birthday gift or teacher’s gift.)


The Sweat Shop

If you’re looking for advice on running shoes, this is the spot to visit. The staff is incredibly insightful, knowledgeable and practical without being pushy or trying to up-sell at every opportunity. The range is varied and includes running gear and accessories.

Dunkeld Cycles

Whether shopping for something new, looking for advice or need assistance with bike repairs or servicing, Dunkeld Cycles has people traveling from all over Joburg as a result of their excellent reputation and track record.

Shop For The Birds

Who knew that BirdLife South Africa had a shop? This is the perfect spot to pick up bird feeders, ceramic nest cups, seed and suet blocks, birding books, field guides, branded t-shirts, caps, cards, keyrings, posters, car magnets and stickers, gift vouchers and more!


Sorbet Dry Bar

It’s quite baffling that many people have yet to hear of this clever concept – a hair salon that only offers blow-dries (and a limited variety of treatments) – no cuts or colour treatments. Simply book your hour slot and have a relaxing blow dry for around R180 and you’re good to go! You’ll find the Sorbet Dry Bar Dunkeld branch next to Motherland.

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    1. Hi Lina, it is at the Dunkeld Shopping Centre at the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Bompas Rd (in the same centre as Fournos – but on the extreme left hand side with Fournos on the right hand side). Worth a visit!

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