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Explore The New China Town In Cyrildene

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Cyrildene isn’t a place you hear of friends visiting often but after a little exploration, I realised that it should be. Because it is definitely something you should experience in your lifetime. shutterstock_99075128

The New China Town

"Why?" you ask. "What could possibly be in Cyrildene? Where is Cyrildene?" I am still not sure myself, but I somehow managed to find it.

Anyone remember China Town on Commissioner street? Barely, right? Well, as the popularity of that area decreased, a great trek occurred. The majority of the restaurants and supermarkets moved all the way down (or is it up?) to the now famous Derrick Avenue in Cyrildene, dubbed the New China Town.

Derrick Avenue

Derrick Avenue has a worn feel to it. But, take a second to admire the towering red pergola or ‘paifang’ which is quite breath-taking. Soon enough you will hear the siren song beckon you in.



Venture down past the shop fronts and stop for a meal at Shun De. This place is adored by both locals and visitors. Shun De is famous for its Zhao Cha, which roughly translates into ‘morning tea’, but is more commonly known as Dim Sum. There is also the unique Fisherman’s Plate, which offers traditional Chinese food, but on another level. They allow you to bring your own wine to enjoy with your meal! You had me at Ni hao. A handy tip before grabbing some food would be to either bring along a Mandarin speaking friend or arrive with a recommendation, as not all the menus are in English and many staff can't speak the language either.


I must highlight the most notable form of entertainment that Cyrildene offers: KTV, the karaoke bar, which is a hidden gem worth discovering. Once again the exterior does need to be overlooked just a little. But, once you are inside, all is forgotten. It’s a different world entirely. In the past it was compulsory to reserve a room before arriving, but now you can just show up – ideally with an Asian friend. Not only for the camaraderie, but also to help you decipher the karaoke machines. If you don’t have a friend on hand, try to remain cognisant long enough to get inside and to figure out how to select your jams and push play. From there your waiter will start the machines and you can begin ordering drinks.

New China Town

The Oriental City

Finally, onward to The Oriental City in Bruma – the shopping mecca close to the highway on-ramp. Look out for the ‘Much Better” store which you will enter needing nothing, but leave having purchased everything. In fact, the same thread runs throughout the entire shopping complex. Crazy cheap prices on crazy items. From pellet guns to party décor – I generally shop at these malls when attending costume parties or buying obscure gifts for friends.

All in all, Cyrildene has much to offer to anyone willing to explore.


Have you been to Cyrildene before? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below. Maybe plan a Chinatown mission and share this article with your crew. 


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