Explore Contemporary African Furniture At TheUrbanative

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Have you ever drooled over beautiful furniture? The next time you are looking for something out of the ordinary and beautiful for your home, visit TheUrbanative. Explore Contemporary African Furniture At TheUrbanative

Who Are They?

TheUrbanative is a contemporary African furniture and product design company in South Africa. They define themselves as a product that is differentiated by the juxtaposition of abstract African cultural graphics, motifs, lines, forms and inspiration with the functionality, look and feel of modern, mid-century and Bauhaus furniture silhouettes, guided by the philosophies of craft, collaboration, authenticity and design evolution for the urban native.

Since local is lekker, they pride themselves on making, designing and manufacturing all their products in South Africa. This brand was started by Mpho Vackier, an engineer turned furniture designer. TheUrbanative constantly explores the role of culture and cultural representations in modern societies, with the aim of telling contemporary African stories through modern furniture and product design.

There's A Touch Of Sophistication In Every Item

Mixing the old, new and futuristic features in every item they make, their goal is to bring innovation to people's personal spaces. They have something for every kind of person and you can find every type of furniture you may require, all with a twist of uniqueness. These are the beliefs they live by:

  • Design should make life better.
  • Form and function.
  • Functional design should always look good.
  • Authentic design.
  • Simplicity is sophistication.
  • Collaborating with amazing creatives globally.
  • Africa is the ultimate place to be.
  • With a firm belief in the idea and the benefits of collaborative working relationships, they work with a range of talented multi-disciplinary professionals to offer inspired, imaginative and multi-functional design solutions.


They have collaborated with a bunch of known brands. To check out some of their collaborations, click here! They collaborate with amazing creatives, because they believe that furniture is not just furniture - it is a way of expressing their art and giving people different and personalised designs.

Nandos Jabulani

Nandos CherryLane 

Nandos Bryanston Drive Thru

Win-A-Home 2017 Team VISI

WEYLANDTS COLLAB: Theatre Of Sleep 2019

For More Information

Make sure you visit their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date with their latest offerings. To find out more about their products, click here!

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