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Explore The City By Bike

Explore The City By Bike

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You've heard us encourage you to explore the city but, have you ever considered exploring it by bike? What? We're freaking out too because how fantastic does that sound? Here's a list of rad bike clubs and experiences to check out. Huck-CMJozi-Photoby-KevinSutherland-Web1

Maboneng City Cyclists

If you love the inner-city or you've yet to explore it, join the Maboneng City Cyclists. You get to be part of casual fun rides with other cyclists and discover hidden gems at your own pace. It's not a cycling competition but a chilled social group. Get to know more about them.


Meet and mingle with new people by joining Instabikerides. Every month you get the opportunity to explore cityscapes and capture photos of stunning scenery in our urban jungle, for free. Besides, who doesn't want an Instagrammable photo taken of them next to their bike? Don't miss out, join the cool kids and be part of something interesting.

The Whippet Cycling Co

The Whippet Cycling Co is a bicycle store situated in the Maboneng Precinct. They specialise in custom-built, steel-frame bicycles, as well as a wide selection of second-hand and vintage bicycle components. They are involved in several social and biking events throughout the year, so keep up to date with them on their social media pages.

Bicycle Stokvel

Want to join a cycling group incorporating music, art, food, and of course cycling? Then you're in luck because Bicycle Stokvel does just that, as well as functioning as a creative hub to share knowledge about the different crafts mentioned above. So not only are you meeting, mingling and exploring the city with awesome folks, you're also learning from and with them. Win-win!

Curiocity Hostels

Curiosity may have killed the cat but you know what they say, satisfaction bought it back! Check into this hostel and be part of their organised bike rides, among other activities. The biggest upside to this is you get to explore the city with not just new people but visitors from overseas too. Talk about exposure right? Get involved with Curiocity Hostels. 

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other bike experiences in the city not mentioned above? Let us know below!


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