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Feast Your Eyes On The Exclusive And Exotic Cars Of Sandton

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From Aston Martins to Zenvos, you're guaranteed to turn your head when you walk down any of the busy streets that vein through the richest square mile in Africa. Sandton is the place to be if you want to go luxury car watching. We did just that and here's the outcome.

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According to NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa), Porsche sold more than 200 cars in 2016, making it the most popular luxury car manufacturer in South Africa. This comes as no surprise as these days it seems as if everyone and their dog is driving a 911 Turbo. In all honesty, its quite a beauty from some of the older 1973s to the latest. Porsche has the sophistication that every class man or woman is looking to have on their name.

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From the stats, it is clear that the sales of luxury cars are going up – and Sandton is where they come out to play. If you feel like going luxury car watching (which should become a valid pastime, such as birdwatching) then we strongly suggest you grab yourself a seat on a pavement in front of the uber-classy night club, Taboo. On any night of the week you can see pretty people climbing in and out of kitted Range Rovers, polished Lamborghinis and drop-topped Jaguars (of which there were more than 110 sold in 2016).

But where do these cars come from? Sure, there are the official dealerships that sprinkle every second boulevard in Sandton, but then there are the specialist retailers that import and sell these beasts on consignment. The two biggest players in this industry would be Pharoah Auto Investments and Investment Cars. See, the thing about these fast and fancy cars is that they are quite similar to wine pressed from good grapes: the longer they age, the more valuable they become. These companies offer structured turnkey sales experiences, trade-in appraisal, finance arrangements, roadworthy, licensing and warranty solutions on a personalised level. Instead of having to visit four or five luxury dealers who only stock the cars the emblem on their door promotes, these "investment" dealers offer a wide variety of cars to choose from.

We found this pretty cool video on YouTube where a bunch of sports car owners go on a run through Sandton with their beautiful beasts. This video says power, exclusive and performance - indulge.

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