Enjoy #SmokyFlavours from Mugg & Bean

I (like many of you, I’m sure) enjoy a great-tasting, flavourful, meaty meal every now and then… okay more often than not actually. There’s just something inviting about it, am I right? So naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to try out some of the latest smoky item additions to Mugg & Bean’s menu.

I’d like to think that as South Africans (and our much-loved braai culture), we enjoy our meat and all of the flavour that comes with it. While it’s always good to enjoy these things in proportion, there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself to a meaty feast every once in a while.

Mugg & Bean understands this, and have added a number of smoky items to their menu – think hearty, saucy and substantial. I was invited to try out some of these meals, and I have to say, I’m in awe.

Honey & Ginger Buffalo Wings

These wings are so good. They are coated in a pungent smoky sauce and the meal is paired with a cool beetroot and grapefruit salad – it’s perfection! Pair that with a creamy cappuccino (or even a sweet and spicy chai tea float from their yummy winter menu), and you’ve got the ultimate winter indulgence. I’m going back for this.

Korean Smoked BBQ Ribs

Personally, I love ribs… they’re always a choice of mine when I eat out. The thing that stood out the most with these BBQ ribs is how well the sauce goes with the nuts that are sprinkled on top – the combo is perfect. It also comes with a great green salad (olives, something else that I can’t say no to!).

Chipotle Rump

I have to say that I’m slowly warming up (no pun intended) to the taste of chipotle. In this meal from Mugg & Bean, it works really well. The chipotle rump is a truly filling meal, possibly because it’s paired with veggies like carrots and baby corn. If you’re a lover of steak, then be sure to give this a try.

Remember, you can enjoy these amazing menu items from Tuesday, 05 July 2016. Bon appétit!

By Nicole Naidoo

Have you had the chance to enjoy one of these tasty top picks? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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