EMSTT – New Lifestyle Resolution

Forget New Year’s Resolutions and focus on New Lifestyle Resolution with EMSTT. Stop making excuses and start living the lifestyle you would choose for your children!

EMS sessions are designed to help change your physical lifestyle, motivating transformation and modification in your life holistically. EMS trainers are qualified Biokineticists ready to give nutrition and supplementation advice.

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Jumpstart to fitness!

A 20-minute EMSTT session is equivalent to six hours of conventional training. Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit, why not make your new lifestyle habit good health and fitness with the 40 day fitness jumpstart programme?


Well the benefits are endless! If you have back pain that interrupts your daily routine, consider it reduced and eventually gone. If you are unhappy with your posture, consider it corrected. Your core strength isn’t something to write a book about? EMS will strengthen those core muscles targeting and strengthening the weaker muscles. And we all know good exercise improves circulation and reduces body fat, what’s not to love about that? All this can be achieved in just 40 days!

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Join the centre of excellence and begin your journey to fitness and good health. Besides, the more you live the lifestyle you would choose for your children, the longer you are around to enjoy that lifestyle with them!

The first 10 clients to sign a contract will get a free gift!

For more information visit the EMSTT website.

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