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Embrace The New Normal With Microsoft Surface

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Within the last year, the way we work and play has changed significantly as we try to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe during these challenging and unpredictable times. We’ve had to adjust to working and connecting with those around us from the safety of our homes via the use of technology and it's incredible advancements. This is our new normal. And to keep up with these ever-evolving changes in the way we work and play, Microsoft Surface has stepped up its game with their range of  devices, perfect for the #movetomodern. 

Work & Play On-The-Go

As a hybrid tablet computer, Microsoft built Surface for individuals who are looking for the best in performance and graphics processing power to work, create, and play anywhere they go. Now, anyone who needs desktop-class power – from designers, developers, and engineers to scientists, artists, teachers, and video gamers – can have the freedom and flexibility of a laptop and tablet to ensure that they can get their work done while on-the-go!

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microsoft surface devices

Microsoft Surface Beats Its Competitors

For almost a decade, Surface has pioneered breakthrough experiences. Surface allows people to adapt and excel in new ways of working, creating and playing through innovative devices, boasting features such as premium design and performance, high quality typing and trackpads, exceptional built-in cameras and mics, and immersive touchscreen displays. From a learner studying on the Surface Go or Surface Laptop Go and the education professional on their Surface Pro 7+ to the creatives designing on a Surface Book 3, the Surface range serves as a lifeline to connections, content and work on the move.

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The Perfect Surface For You

The world is more connected than ever before. We're learning new ways to work from home and stay connected with those around us via the use of technology. This has led to businesses needing to rely on well-equipped technology and devices to get projects, meetings and tasks done with ease and efficiency with minimal interruptions. Microsoft Surface offers a wide range of technological solutions, for all industries. Offering crystal-clear video calls and responsive touch screen displays , Microsoft’s ultra-light and versatile 2-in-1 business laptop adapts to the way YOU work or play.

Microsoft Surface devices run all Windows-friendly desktop software, including full versions of Microsoft Office, as well as Windows 10 applications.


Governments are tasked with providing vital services and security for their citizens. Technology plays an important role in helping governments fulfill their responsibilities. Microsoft Surface devices provides the power of a desktop, the mobility of an ultra-thin laptop, and the convenience of note-taking with paper and pen, all in one, ensuring government employees are more efficient and effective.


Microsoft aims to advance learning and development of essential life skills by providing teachers and educational professionals with the right tools to nurture and teach their students. Microsoft Surface allows both students and teachers to create, learn and share in unique and advanced ways, with technology. Surface offers all the best tools for teaching and learning in one sophisticated device.

Design & Creative

Bring creative ideas to life with Surface. Creative professionals can edit photographs and videos, create immersive 3D graphics, and complete their daily tasks, simply at the flip and flick of their touchscreen. One hand can tilt the display from upright to the perfect drafting table.


Using a Surface device, the hassle of paperwork can be significantly reduced, procedural meetings can be properly arranged and documented, and time efficiencies improved and realised. The Surface Pen opens OneNote for immediate note-taking and brainstorming in a single location. You'll also be able to facilitate real connections between departments, from secure digital boardrooms to collaborating together on complex projects, with hardware and software designed to bring people together.

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microsoft surface devices in business

Find Your Ideal Microsoft Surface Device

Microsoft Surface devices are built for business and inspired by the ways you work. No matter what you need a well-equipped device for – be it for productivity, efficiency, play or connectivity – you're bound to find the ideal Microsoft Surface to get the task done.

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For More Information

For more information on the Microsoft Surface device range, visit

You can also contact them on 011 531 1000.

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