Eight Life Hacks That Will Improve Your DIY Skills


Life hacks are there to make life easier and things much simpler than we perceive them to be. These come in handy when working on DIY projects or taking on the handyman role around the house. Have a look at these eight nifty tips.


Hit Pliers Not Your Fingers

When hammering a nail into a surface don’t use your fingers to keep the nail steady. Instead use those sharp nose pliers  to keep the nail in place. Simple. Safe. Steady.

Rubber Band – Paint Can Buddy

The next time you use paint straight from the can, stretch a single elastic band around the opening and bottom of the can. This way you may wipe excess paint from your brush on the elastic band and not on the brim of the container.

Toilet Rolls Save Cords

Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls, use them to store electrical cords in. Roll up your USB cables and shove them inside the rolls.

Stop Extension Cords from Unplugging

When one extension cord won’t reach its intended place of use, use another one. Cool, but the problem here is that the two extensions keep unplugging when pulled. No worries. Tie a them together in a knot before plugging in.

Clean Paint Brushes Easily

White spirit vinegar is amazing. From removing rust to tossing on top of slap chips… it’s use is endless. When your old paint brushes are clogged up toss them into a boiling pot of white vinegar for 10 minutes. Done.

Unscrew Stripped Screws

Stripped Phillips screws have caused many DIY’ers to lose their cool. Thanks to this trick, that will soon end. Press the screwdriver head into the stripped hole with a rubber band being placed between the two, and turn. Sorted.

Never Lose Your Nails

When a job calls for a bit of hammering it’s easy to misplace your nails. Solve this problem by gluing a magnet to the bottom of your hammer and keep your nails there. Easy.

PVC Storage Solution

How many times have you purchased the same tool or another box of nails because you couldn’t find the ones you already have? Cut pieces of PVC pipe at a bevelled angle and screw them to planks of wood to create the perfect storage spots for nails, screws and paint brushes.


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