Finding Benedict In Rosebank – Eggs In My Belly

Honestly, what’s a good breakfast without eggs? It’s time to find the perfect mouth-watering Eggs Benedict in Rosebank. See where here…

Finding Benedict In Rosebank – Eggs In My Belly

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There is nothing more satisfying than to kick-start your morning with a good breakfast, and what better than Eggs Benedict. Even though there are still debates as to where exactly this delicious dish originated, I guess we will never really know.

We have selected a few restaurants in Rosebank to get you a step closer into finding that perfect Eggs Benedict. Let’s check out these cool spots.

Eggs Benedict In Rosebank


Europa is situated right at the entrance to the Mall of Rosebank next to the arts and crafts market.

They have proven why they keep going strong, serving the best Mediterranean food around and the obvious reason why we have scooped them out of the bunch – they make a mean Eggs Benedict. They are all about simplicity and traditional with a slight twist.

Eggs Benedict In Rosebank


Known for its breakfasts and variety, anyone who knows Tashas well; can tell you that nothing is more at the slip of everyone’s tongue than their famous Eggs Benedict.

Each and every Tashas has their own vibe and twist, this also include the ingredients and presentation so don’t be taken aback. The food is always spectacular and ‘the Benedict’ is one thing that you will find in most of their menus – in some, it’s called a ‘Royale’.

They serve their signature Eggs Benedict with poached eggs of course, asparagus, dill and you can choose to add bacon or even salmon.

Just a side note for everyone: Expect a different feel at every branch that you visit, each taking you on a unique adventure.

Eggs Benedict In Rosebank

Piza ē Vino

We know, you probably were thinking – what? Eggs Benedict? At a pizza restaurant? Well! Piza ē Vino is more than just a pizza place.

This restaurant will surprise you. One amazing dish that will have you coming back for more is their tasty and flavourful Summer Poached. This dish has poached eggs, avocado, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes sprinkled with feta and topped with hollandaise sauce.

It doesn’t get any better than this, try it – the sooner the better.

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