Must-Try Egg Inspired Food And Restaurants

Calling all the egg lovers out there, check out these cool egg inspired eats and restaurants around Joburg.

Photo By Pablo-Eggs-Go-Bar

Can’t Get Enough

Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, baked or coddled, there are many ways to eat eggs. But not all of us are master chefs. So, check out these places to find the perfect egg.

Eggs Benedict In Rosebank
Photo By Europa

Eggs Benedict

Europa: Known for its Mediterranean style food, Europa serves simple and delicious food. Their must-try egg dish is definitely the Eggs Benedict.

tashas: tashas is well known for their creativity, versatility and awesome breakfast options. Although, each tashas is inspired by a different place, you will certainly find a lovely Eggs Benedict on their menu.

Piza ē Vino: You may be surprised to find that this pizza parlour serves up Eggs Benedict. Not only do they have an excellent breakfast menu, but they make it well too. Their offering is packed with nourishing and flavourful ingredients drenched in a rich hollandaise sauce.

The Whippet
Photo By The Whippet

French Toast

The Whippet: The Whippet has become a favourite in the city, boasting a wide variety of choice menu items. Their gourmet french toast is a hit and we aren’t surprised. Care to nibble on almond, chia and strawberry french toast? Or try the classic french toast, hugged with berries and creamy love.

Voodoo Lily Cafe: Voodoo Lily Cafe has an amazing menu for a variety of inspired eats, but their breakfasts are to-die-for. A stand out dish you have to try here is the french toast – simple, yet delicious.

French Toast Harties: If you want to break away for some unique flavour, then head to French Toast Harties. The french toast here is unforgettable. You have to try it. And when you do, make sure you’re hungry as their portions are generous.

Post Workout Meal
Photo By Pablo-Eggs-Go-Bar

Egg Fusion

Pablo-Eggs-Go-Bar: This award-winning spot has proven that they are the best. Pablo-Eggs-Go-Bar specialises in breakfasts and has mastered the art of the egg. Their famous ShakoShuka is mesmerising and bursting with flavour.

Salvation Cafe: Salvation prides themselves on giving all their customers something delicious to remember. Salvation Cafe has a lot of variety, so you get to choose from an array eggy options.

POST Breakfast Lunch: If you need a good egg brekki, then POST Breakfast Lunch is the place to be. They have a generous menu for you to browse through. You’re sure to find an egg delight to satisfy any brunch craving.

What is your favourite egg meal? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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