All About Edulove: Gauteng’s Very Own Up-and-Coming Educational Toy Manufacturer

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If you’re the type of parent that most of us are, you’re probably tired, happy and pretty much living in a constant state of trying to create the best possible environment for your little ones. Businesses like Edulove make this enormous task a little easier! Edulove designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind sensory toys for children of all ages as well as custom-made clothes for children with special needs and disabilities. We caught up with Carissa Jansen and Nika Claasen, the brains of this original concept, to find out what Edulove is all about.   Edulove
  • Tell us about the team and the inspiration behind Edulove

Carissa is a qualified child kineticist who genuinely understands the core skills all children – able-bodied and those with special needs – have to master to maintain healthy developmental growth. Nika is a consumer studies teacher who is passionate about children – especially those with special needs – and has some serious sewing skills. Carissa realised there was a shortage of educational toys and customised clothing that supported little bodies to move freely and also practise those essential motor and sensory skills. With this knowledge and Nika’s handiwork, the first Edulove sensory cubes were designed. A couple of customised clothing items for disabled children Carissa had been working on followed and soon after the Edulove educational brand was born.


What sets Edulove products apart from other educational toys?

All Edulove products are one of a kind. Handmade to optimise learning opportunities and according to the each parent’s custom requirements, your child is provided with a genuinely unique educational toy that they’ll love!

Tell us about the Edulove products that are currently available.

The Edulove sensory cube is our best seller. This is a 20x20cm foam cube covered with a variety of different textures, colours and activities. Parents are provided with the Edulove catalogue upon request and design their child’s cube coverings as they see fit. For example, a recently completed sensory cube order included a shoelace activity, tent zipper activity, felt and velcro shapes, fleecy fabric, braided balloons and the child’s name embroidered on leather – all on one beautiful, custom-designed product. Edulove also has knee pad pants and a few other miscellaneous clothing items available.


Any new products in the making?

We’re in the process of working on a silent reader. This is a fabric book designed on the same principles as the sensory cube and will consist of textured pages filled with activities that develop essential skills. This would be the ideal toy to take along in the car or when children are required to do an incredibly difficult thing: to sit still and wait.

There are also plans to launch a range of weighted blankets and pillows.

How can customers place an Edulove order?

Get in touch with the Edulove team via Facebook or e-mail them at [email protected]. Follow Edulove on Instagram (@insta.edulove) to keep current on the latest products.


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