Ease Cold And Flu With These Home Remedies

Being sick can be a painful, snotty drag. Having a constant dripping nose, not being able to breathe, the painful cough, sneezes, fever and headache… It’s all too much. Ease your cold and flu symptoms with these home remedies, tips and tricks. 

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

With the changing of the seasons, it’s time to start preparing your body for viral season with some simple preventative steps. These tips may help prevent sickness, but they will also help reduce the symptoms and duration of a cold and flu.

  • Take your vitamins
  • Sleep well
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Get moderate exercise

To Flu Shot Or Not

There are many debates around whether or not we should get a vaccine against flu. While it may not be fully effective, it can still reduce the recovery time and prevent complications. The shot may prove to be ineffective for some, while being life-saving for others. To find out more about the flu shot, read our Great Winter Debate article.

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I’m Sick, What Now?

Stay Hydrated

Once you get a cold or flu, your body loses a lot of fluids. To replenish that fluid, drink plenty of liquids. This can be tea, water or juice. This will ease your blocked nose and fever.


Your body is fighting a war to keep you safe and healthy. Help things out by resting. It may be difficult to sleep comfortably when you can’t breathe, but resting doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping. Use the flu as an excuse to lay on the couch and binge watch the latest series. Or take a leisurely bath. Keep any exercise moderate and easy going.

Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are loaded with flu fighting ingredients like ginger, lemon and honey. Not only will the vitamins and minerals in these ingredients help you fight the flu, but the warm liquid will make you feel better straight away. Buy a sachet of Hot Toddy or Med-Lemon or make your own at home. Try this recipe by Joybilee Farm.

Vapour Rub

Vapour rub can help relieve head colds, congestion and a cough. Simply rub it on the your chest to relieve a cough, and on your nostrils and chest to relieve congestion. You can also put some in hot water or a humidifier to help ease congestion for hours.

Baby Bum Cream 

When you’re blowing your nose every few minutes, your nostrils are bound to get chapped, red and painful. Ease these sensitive areas with a spot of baby bum cream. This will soothe the dry and damaged skin and protect it from the moisture of your dripping nose. Just be sure to rub it in properly so you don’t have a cream mustache.

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A humidifier can help soothe colds and flu by moistening the air. Add some essential oil or vapour rub for added benefits. Don’t have a humidifier? Then simply fill a big bowl or basin with warm water, essential oils or vapour rub. Then lay your head over the water, covered with a towel. The steam will soothe congestion and make it a whole lot easier to breathe.


It can be difficult to swallow when you’re airways are slowly closing up. But a yummy, healthy and comforting solution is a warm bowl of soup. This will keep you full, hydrated and may even help relieve the pressure in your nose and throat. Don’t feel like cooking? No worries. We sussed out the best Soup Of The Day at Top Restaurants.

Salt Water

Having a sore and swollen throat can be painful and annoying. By gargling with warm salted water, you can soothe your aching throat. Mix 1/4 teaspoon salt with a glass of warm water, stir to dissolve the salt. This mixture will also aid in loosening mucus.

Over the Counter Meds

Most of us do have a stock pile of over-the-counter-meds, so this does count as a home remedy. There are a few pills that will make you feel better in a jiffy. Panado can help with pain and fever, a decongestant for a sinus congestion, antihistamine for a runny nose and cough syrup to treat your wheezing. Ask your pharmacist or doctor about medications that can relieve your cold and flu symptoms.

cold and flu remedies

*Always consult your physician before taking any medication. Should your symptoms worsen or last longer than a week, visit a doctor.

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