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Do A Good Deed – Donate To These Wonderful Charities

Do A Good Deed – Donate To These Wonderful Charities

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Ever feel like you have too much extra stuff lying around that you would like to give away? Or would like to lend a helping hand to those in need? Here's your chance. 

Well, giving is a good deed and what better way than to give to charity shops and organisations around the city that could do with your help? Check out this list of charity shops and homes that you can give a helping hand to, all because there’s no greater joy than helping those in need.


Smile Foundation

This foundation helps the countless numbers of children in South Africa born with facial conditions including cleft lip and palates, Moebius syndrome and burn victims. So, you can become a volunteer and get involved in different activities which will see you interacting with the children or helping out with the preparation of Smile Weeks and other events. You can also get your family, friends and colleagues to volunteer as well.

Where is it? Ground floor, Eastwood Block, 57, 6th Road, Hyde Park.

Find more information here.

Hope Charity Shop

If you have a great selection of artwork, books and magazines, glassware, second hand household items and electronics, second hand clothes and shoes, small furniture items and all sorts of other odds and ends, this is the charity shop you can take it all to. This shop also collects straight from your house, or you can deliver directly to them.

Where is it? Corner 2nd Avenue and Main Road, Melville.

Find more information here.

charity 2

Orange Grove HospiceWits Charity Shop

This Hospice gives holistic care to someone diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. You can donate your time and volunteer at a nearby hospice, donate your skills and help out by shop assisting, merchandising, marketing, fundraising, skills, photography, books knowledge, antique knowledge, hands on help, and more! You could also simply donate goods, anything from furniture, shelves, garden goods, pot plants, books and clothes.

Where is it?  Corner 9th Street and Louis Botha Avenue.

Find more information here.

Hidden Treasure

Here you can put your time, skills and experience to good use. You can donate all used household goods such as furniture, linen, ornaments, paintings, kitchenware, electrical appliances, cutlery and crockery, pots and pans, clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, shoes, hats, tools, toys, games, CDs, DVDs, videos, books and magazines, sporting equipment, stationery – everything and anything! You can also adopt a shop that you can frequently visit and volunteer too.

Where is it? Various branches throughout Johannesburg.

Find more information here.

Johannesburg Children's Home

This home provides a safe refuge for 64 children of all races who have been found in need of care by the Children's Court. Here you can help heal children who have been neglected and abused by donating money, donating your time, giving old goods, sponsoring a child or simply participate in the community service.

Where is it? 45-59 Urania Street, Observatory.

Find more information here.

Are there any charities or NGOs you know not mentioned above? Let us know by commenting below!


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