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DIY: Frosted Glass Vases

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Glass is definitely a big décor hit at the moment. So we thought, "why stick to normal looking glass?" Here's a guide on how to help you get some frosting on your favourite glassware! DIY Frosted Glass Vase

You will need:

Glass bottles or jars
Frosted-glass spray paint or Sandblast Spray

What to do:

  1. Clean your selected cool glass bottles or jars inside and out, removing the labels and any sticky residue that might remain behind.
  2. Dry the glass bottles or jars making sure you remove all the water residue.
  3. Outside or in a well-ventilated room/area, lay out the newspaper on your intended work space.
  4. Take the bottles or jars there and give them a quick rub with the sandpaper then wipe them clean.
  5. Spray the first coat of your frosted-glass spray or sandblast spray - do this facing the spray away from your face.
  6. Let the bottles dry for 20 minutes then spray a second coat or touch up as needed.
  7. Once dry and frosted to the desired amount, the bottles or jars are ready to be used as frosted vases for candles, flowers or whatever else you wish!


Happy Frosting!

For DIY source, click here.


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