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Germiston. Noun. A term used to describe a place no one ever visits, unless they have lived there. Places like these don’t appear on the pages of magazines, but they always manage to surprise us with their secret gems and unassuming inhabitants, who have lived lives to fill books and fireside tales. Driving towards Germiston’s city centre, you will stumble across one of these old gems. Okay, more likely, you will drive past without even seeing it. But, somewhere between dentists and corner shops on the busy Joubert Street, stands The Parthenon Mansion, a proud historic building, preserved in old-world splendour. 

There was a time in my childhood when I would see The Parthenon almost on a daily basis. The imposing building that bordered the street seemed to hide secrets within its walls. It looked out of place on this less-than-impressive street — a magical kingdom, shrouded in mystery, that had been transported from a previous era.

Years later, I decided to take a little more notice of this building, marked “B&B”. I walked around the elegant building and noticed that it had a spa and … Lancet Laboratories?! This was a house of mystery, after all, but not quite in the way I had envisioned years before. Well, the next time I needed bloods done (you guessed it!), I took the opportunity to visit this unexpected spot.



I discovered a building of intrigue, preserved in its old beauty with dark wooden floors. After the bloods were done, I just had to enquire about the spa and make a booking. When I arrived for my treatment, I stepped off the street into a world of peace. As I waited, sipping my orange juice, I felt like I should be wearing a Victorian styled dress. The skilled therapist treated me to a wonderful hot rock massage. As I began to unwind, my cares absorbed into the heat and melted onto the floor. The fusion of modern zen relaxation with old-world opulence creates an other worldly experience, perfect for a relaxing escape.


From there, I was hooked and I booked more and more beauty treatments. Their services include waxing, manicures and pedicures, body treatments and facials. Enjoy a moment to de-stress as you sip on a glass of champagne. They also offer a Slimming Clinic, complete with lipo laser treatments, Mesotherapy, a FIR Sauna and InBody Scans, so that your beauty needs are covered. Check out the specials on offer. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there are some desirable options for couples to celebrate the month of love.



The main attraction of the Parthenon, though, is the accommodation. With five suites that are styled like one of those museum houses, you will experience life from a slower time. In this setting of ornate fireplaces, antique furnishings and old fashioned wallpaper, you might expect someone from Downton Abbey to step through the door. Fortunately, that’s where the the old world ends. Your stay will be equipped with Internet services, DSTV, as well as laundry and ironing services. Ain’t nobody got time for too much old world living, right?


For breakfast, step into the Downton dining hall, fully furnished with historic decor. As you enjoy a full English breakfast, you might imagine someone bringing you the morning paper on a silver tray, along with your mail.



And I’m not done yet! (I know, right?!). You can book all kinds of events and functions at The Parthenon. From weddings to birthday parties and corporate events, this is an ideal spot for celebration. Their “Mine Shaft” area, a museum of fascinating curiosities, allows you to host up to 30 people. It is even equipped with a pizza oven so that you can make your own! Pizza in a mine shaft next to a Victorian mansion, anyone? How weirdly incongruous and perfectly cool.

So, whether you opt for one spa treatment, an overnight stay or a celebration with friends, you will truly have a “Night at the Museum” experience. Although somewhat different from my childhood imaginations, this remains a magical kingdom.

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*Images are courtesy of Parthenon Mansion’s website.

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