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Diesel's 48 Hours Of Raves For Braves

Diesel's 48 Hours Of Raves For Braves

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Whose got the swag? Diesel's got the swag! In with the new, out with the old. As many have seen that the Tokyo techno festival music scene has grown enormously, and so has the style world wide.  Diesels 48 hours raves braves

What's Hip And Happening

Tokyo street culture has served as inspiration in the fashion industry. Which is why Diesel's new collection has drawn so much motiovation from this trend. The whole inspiration for this collection comes from these vibes, strong and distinctive which perfectly matches Diesel's underlying rock spirit.

Diesels 48 hours raves braves

What To Expect From The Collection

Drawing inspiration from Tokyo’s extreme street style, apparel and denim, Diesel represents the ultimate trend for men and women, embodying the brand's renewed attitude, contemporary, international and bolder. This is the everyday look, the 'I didn't try too hard, but I still look good' look. This style focuses on the continuing evolution of Diesel's key pillars: denim leather, outerwear and sweaters.

Presenting very vibrant and youthful fall/winter collection 2018. With sun-bleached acid pastels colors representing the transition from summer to winter, together with stonewashed and bleached treatments on vintage denim. Authenticity is the mantra for the denim, where the journey towards the rediscovery of a more authentic denim reaches new frontiers. Certain washes are accented with red cotton thread in the hem, to mimic flames representing a “Raves for Braves” ' attitude.

Diesels 48 hours raves braves

The collection will be in stores from 20th of August 2018. Check them out on Instagram, or Facebook page.


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