Dial•a•Bed’s Summer Sleep Sale Is Now On!


As the 2023 year ends, the air is filled with festive cheer and year-end celebrations. Amidst the joyous parties, you might find yourself caught in a delicate dance between enjoying celebrations and maintaining a healthy sleep routine. Let Dial•a•Bed help with their Summer Sleep Sale!

End-of-year festivities, laden with social gatherings, late nights, and indulgent feasts, can significantly impact our sleep patterns, potentially leaving us fatigued as we enter the new year. Let’s see how we can embrace the holiday spirit while ensuring that sleep remains a priority so that you can recharge for the new year.

Sleep Challenges During the Summer Holidays

The holiday season often brings a whirlwind of social events, family gatherings, and late-night revelries. During this time, two things generally happen:

  • 1. We often disrupt our bodies’ circadian rhythms (i.e. our internal clock).
  • 2. We unknowingly (or knowingly) sleep deprive ourselves.

Why Prioritising Sleep Matters

Why should we care about our sleep during holidays? A lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns can harm your physical and mental health. The consequences of poor sleep range from weakened immune systems to impaired cognitive function. Therefore, we should strike a balance between enjoying the festivities and protecting our sleep.

Strategies for Healthy Sleep: Balancing Festivities & Well-being

Consistent sleep schedules are effective strategies for optimizing sleep during the holiday season. The holidays may bring a deviation from the routine, but making a conscious effort to maintain healthy sleeping patterns can help.

Sticking to realistic sleep goals will mitigate the negative impact of irregular sleep on your overall well-being. A late night or early morning once in a while is fine, but we should try to stick to a consistent schedule. Ensure everyone is on board if you are safeguarding your sleep this holiday season.

dial a bed summer

The holiday season provides a great opportunity to rest, recover and rejuvenate. Don’t view sleep as an obstacle to festivities, but rather as a tool for recharging your body and mind. Take advantage of the holidays to rest.

Having a fresh start each day will enable you to cope with the festivities of the day. Also, avoid overcommitting. You can’t attend and throw every event. Holidays are also a time to relax.

In addition to prioritizing sleep, be mindful of festive treats overindulgence. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol, sugar or heavy meals close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep.

Contrary to the popular belief that alcohol helps you sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol prevents you from getting a deep, restful sleep. Finally, avoid heavy meals at least 2 hours before bedtime.

dial a bed summer
dial a bed summer

Dial•a•Bed’s SUMMER SLEEP SALE is Now On!

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