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In just a few short years, Dial Direct has made its mark on the South African motor, household and short-term insurance industry. It has brought to South Africa a successful and thriving insurance formula gained over many years in the highly competitive European insurance industry.

Dial Direct’s winning formula is built on eliminating the ‘insurance broker or middleman’ and, in so doing, saving clients a lot of time and money, as well as offering exceptional levels of service and around the clock ‘peace of mind’.

This business model actually came about when Dial Direct did something completely out of character for an insurance company. It actually listened to the needs and wants of its clients.

These ‘needs’ included willingness to eliminate the middleman, low-cost monthly premiums and the introduction of a generous ‘no-claim bonuses’.

Dial Direct listened and complied. It made it super-easy and user-friendly for clients to contact and deal with the company directly, it introduced affordable monthly premiums and it introduced its, now famous, Bucks Back Bonus.

Clients of Dial Direct are offered a focused and comprehensive nationwide network and infrastructure, which is exactly why Dial Direct is fast becoming known as the top car, household and short-term insurance company in South Africa.

Thanks to its efficient and friendly infrastructure, all Dial Direct queries and claims can be handled quickly and professionally over the phone.

Research conducted independently within the South African insurance industry, has shown that of over one thousand motor and household insurance quotes submitted to clients, Dial Direct has proved to be approximately 17% cheaper than its nearest competitor.

In real savings, this means that an insured party currently paying R1000 per month for insurance, could in fact end up paying only R830 per month with Dial Direct!

Another great differentiator between Dial Direct and other regular insurance companies, is that Dial Direct has introduced ‘wide’ permitted categories for claims, that serve to provide clients with unique peace of mind, and reduce unnecessary penalisations.

With Dial Direct’s fantastic Bucks Back Bonus scheme, policyholders can enjoy a lucrative 25% or their first year’s premiums back after year four of no claims.

In fact, research has shown that Dial Direct’s Bucks Back Bonus is the favourite and most popular no claims bonus amongst South Africans!

Dial Direct policyholder’s can also take advantage of the companies impressive FREE roadside, home and medical assistance.

As far as motor and household insurance companies go, Dial Direct is one of the best if not the best in South Africa and for good reason. It delivers!

For a free, no obligation insurance quote, call Dial Direct today toll-free (contact details alongside).

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