Dial•a•Bed: Get The Best Black Friday Bed Deals


It’s not every day you think about buying a bed, right? There’s no better place to shop than Dial•a•Bed, the largest South African bed retailer! Their Black Friday Sale is now on! Fast delivery on their best sellers.

Don’t Miss These Black Friday Bed Deals!

Buying a bed is a huge investment. Essentially, it’s a catalyst for becoming the best version of yourself. Having the wrong bed or mattress can affect your everyday life. You could experience muscle aches, insomnia, reduced alertness, reduced decision-making skills, a shortened attention span, poor memory, etc.


Time To Upgrade!

If you are feeling the side effects of a rough night’s sleep, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your mattress. And where else to shop but SA’s largest branded bed store, Dial•a•Bed! Whatever your sleep needs, you don’t want to miss out on our Black Friday Bed Deals.

A Few Black Friday Pointers

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a Black Friday Bed Deal:

  • Stay digitally informed – Start by following Dial•a•Bed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok – this will keep you ‘in the know’.
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get deals sent straight to your inbox.
  • Explore the Dial•a•Bed website and dive into our wide range of bed brands to find one that suits you.
  • Decide on your preferences – Explore our 5 sizes and 2 lengths. Figure out what size and length works best for your space. Decide on your comfort preference. 
  • Do your research: If you don’t have all your questions answered, they have you covered. You can find answers to all your burning questions in our FAQ section. Don’t forget to set a realistic budget. Trust us, quality beds are worth the Rands.
  • Complement your purchase: They have a wide range of pillows, pedestals, headboards and sleeper couches. Get the full value of our range at unmatched prices.
  • Plan ahead for unexpected spills by adding a mattress protector to your cart. The goal is to protect your investment.

Sleep On It

Once you’ve decided on your perfect bed, go to a Dial•a•Bed store and test it out. Yes, you read correctly! All their stores have a comfort testing area to help you experience your bed before making a huge investment.


Shop With Peace of Mind

Dial•a•Bed is South Africa’s longest-standing bedding retailer. With over 27 years in the mattress industry, they’re 100% confident in finding you the right bed. They also offer a 100-night comfort exchange so you can shop with peace of mind knowing that if you don’t love your bed, you can exchange it for another. You’ll also have the reassurance of warranties and guarantees.

Lastly, why choose Dial•a•Bed for your Black Friday Bed Deal?

Let’s get real. Dial•a•Bed are the best at what they do! They have 76 stores and 9 distribution centres around the country. And they carry more stock than any other bedding retailer in SA, and they offer next-day delivery on our best sellers.

Dial•a•Bed are ridiculously obsessed with comfort, so let us help you sleep better.


For More Information About Dial•a•Bed

For more information about Dial-a-Bed and their amazing Black Friday deals, visit their website at

You can also contact them on 086 100 7542 or

Don’t forget to follow and like them on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and YouTube to keep up to date with the latest news, offers, sales and Black Friday information.

Dial-a-Bed has over 76 stores and nine warehouses nationwide. Click here to find you’re nearest store.

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